Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Just so Mad!

This whole Jesse James thing is really starting to piss me off. I mean, it wasn't shocking that another celebrity had mistresses in the closet. I wasn't that the girls were starting to come out of the woodwork, what are we up to now 4 mistresses?

What pisses me off is how it hit at the absolute worst time in her life. Not that any other time would have been great, believe me, hearing that my husband was a cheating scoundrel would kill me but... Sandra Bullock should be sitting on this Oscar high. She should be able to enjoy this time in her life for her body of work on not only the Blind Side but all her other movies. She has done everything from romantic comedies, action movies, drama and she is liked by everyone. This is a time in her life where the drama of fighting for custody of a little girl that she loves like her own should have ebbed so that she could promote her movie the Blind Side. Hit the talk shows to talk about her Oscar and her work and have a blast at the Kids Choice awards. Instead she has gone into hiding, to heal herself, while more accusations of her husbands lameness escalates. What a friggin cad. The worst part is that he probably doesn't even feel like a total utter tool. He probably feels, like Tiger, that he was entitled.

Ohhhhhh it just pisses me off. I am sure that Sandra Bullock will pick herself up, wipe herself off on her own terms. When she is good and ready and capable of words to even describe how she feels right now. When she does, all of America (especially the women) will be there, standing and applauding the women, the actress the person, who went to hell and back.

You rock Sandra!

BTW...this video really pissed me off too!

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lfhpueblo said...

Too many people now a days think affairs are okay as long as they don't get caught.
They might not get caught, but I'm sure their spouses have suspicions and that in and of itself will affect the relationship between the two, as well as drift over to affect their kids.
Kids sometimes get suspicious too if one parent has to go here or there, or breaks promises or plans with the family over and over again.
Kids aren't dumb, they just stay quite to keep the non-adultering parent from being hurt.
Adults in a married relationship just need to grow up and realize that if you can't stay true in your vows please get a divorce first before you start sleeping around or have a serious affair with another person.
I don't think divorce is right, but in the same aspect I don't think taking the risk of your spouse or kids finding out about your other activities or the risk of bringing home a sexually transmitted disease to the faithful spouse is right either.
If you have a problem with keeping your pants on and zipper closed then don't get married in the first place.
Anyways that's how I feel.
Apologies afterwards to your spouse and family offer little in the way of healing. This is something they'll never forget. It is always in the back of the mind to some extent.