Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is Why I Love My Readers

This week Jerry (I will only be calling him Jerry from now on - On Ellen he said that his mother calls him Gerard) Butler was on Ellen and Jay Leno.

The night he was on Jay Leno my girl Lorie text me to let me know and the next day he was on Ellen and my girl Clarissa called to tell me to turn it on. You guys are the best.

On Jay he sang to commercial. I seriously think he has to do more singing. We heard him in Phantom of the Opera (giveaway coming up on Maria's Space) and on P.S. I Love You but I think we need more. Perhaps an album!?
Look at these Biceps. Cute!

The interview

Singing out to commercial

Here is Jerry on Ellen! Love the white t-shirt - grrrr...


fredamans said...

I'd like to replace the towel around his waist! ;-)

I know dirty bitch... lol

He is too fine! Jen Aniston is one lucky chick!

Clary said...

Lorie and I are here for you BITCH!!

he did look good on Ellen.