Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Apple Card Giveaway & A Way To Make Extra Cash

Have you ever left a review on a website? Wouldn't it be awesome to get paid for those reviews?

Now you can, with Ciao.

I have been doing reviews on various uh ummmm book sites and a very large site beginning with the letter "A" for years and haven't made a single dime. That is about to change.

Today, I signed up with Ciao, and entered my first review in under 5 minutes.

What is Ciao - Ciao is new online price comparison and consumer review site. This is the most comprehensive source of intelligent shopping on the web. It is the perfect place to go before you start purchasing those big ticket items or those stocking stuffers for the holidays. You can review everything from Computers and TV's to beauty products and movies.

Can't decide between

It is free to sign up and you chose what you want to review.

Here is the best part. You can possibly make money by submitting a qualifying review. This is a great way to earn extra cash for said holiday gift.

There are lots of fun and easy ways to earn money on Ciao. When you write a review of a product or service, you are paid every time another member reads and rates your review (a "read"). Inviting your friends to become Ciao members also earns you money: For the first 6 months of their Ciao membership, you will earn a commission equal to 50 percent of their earnings on Ciao (excludes survey earnings).

How You Get Paid - Once your account has reached a minimum balance of $5, you can request a money transfer into your PayPal account. To do so, log in and go to your personal member area, "My Ciao". Click on the "Account" tab and finally click on "Request payment". Pay-outs are made once a month to all Ciao members who have requested one or more payments in the course of that month.

How it works:

Ok, let's get started on the giveaway part.

To win an Apple Card in the Amount of $25.00 follow the instructions below.

To enter this giveaway, first visit this page:

Then, follow this easy, three-step process:

Step 1) Enter what product you'd like to review (e.g. iPod Touch)

Step 2) Click on "write a review" and share your experience using this product, as well as rating, with the Ciao community of shoppers. Be sure to do a full-length review!

Step 3) Join the Ciao community, start connecting with other shoppers and earn money for your reviews ($1 per qualified review). You can even upload video reviews

Finally, once you have done at least one full length product review (at least 120 of your own words), post your Ciao username and a link to your review in my other blog's comment section.

Note: this contest is also open to current members, just be sure to include a link to a new review to qualify for this giveaway.

  • Giveaway ends November 3, 2008 at Midnight.
  • Don't forget to follow the instructions listed above before leaving a comment.
  • Please supply an email address so that I can contact you.
  • You will have 3 days to claim your prize.
  • Don't forget to leave a comment on my other blog to enter. Not on Chotskies!
Good Luck and have fun reviewing!


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