Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who Won The Debate Last Night????

A body language expert analyzes John McCain and Barack Obama in the final presidential debate.

Presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama squared off in a final debate at Hofstra University in New York. Body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass analyzed the candidates' every move, and this is what she had to say:

• McCain came out stronger than we've ever seen him.
• The strongest thing he said was, "I'm not President Bush."
• He needed to look at the camera more, and really talk to the people.
• He often used an upward thumb gesture while he was talking, which showed confidence and a winning attitude.
• He was a bit mechanical, but that's likely due to his war injury.

• Obama looked in the camera much more than McCain did, and that was very powerful.
• He often used an open-handed gesture that shows his own openness, which was excellent.
• His laugh and smile sometimes turned into a smirk, which at times worked against him.
• He defended himself well against McCain.
• He looked very confident, and candidly answered questions and addressed the issues.

"The best part was at the end when they hugged," Dr. Glass says. "It seemed like they really liked each other and they both really respect each other, all politics aside."

But who won? "If you support McCain, you probably came out thinking he did wonderful," she says. "If you support Obama, you probably came out thinking he did wonderful. They both were excellent. I'd say it's a draw. But if you're undecided, you really have a lot to think about now."
What's your opinion?

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Anonymous said...

Up front I gotta say I'm an Obama supporter.
Personally I've watched all the debates & feel like Obama was more successful in all of them.
But the debates are pretty much useless, because they both exaggerate & lie so much - it kind of wears down your support for either candidate.
I'm still behind Obama ... but I'm ready for this election to be over!!!