Sunday, October 5, 2008

OJ and Howard - Both In Their Own Prison (so to speak)


Does anyone else think it is interesting that OJ was found guilty on the same day Howard Stern got married?

Years after one of the most watched murder cases in history, OJ Simpson is finally found guilty of something.
(OJ's sister fainted after the verdict)

You know, after being acquitted of a double murder I would think you would stay as far away from trouble as humanly possible.

Not OJ!

Simpson should stay away from the number 13! After 13 hours of deliberation, the Las Vegas jury convicted Simpson on 12 counts of kidnapping and robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint at the Palace Station hotel and casino last September. This comes 13 years after the Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman case. Coincidence? You decide!

I really feel for his children. If anything, this should remind all of us good parents, that when we yell at our children for talking back, jumping on the couch, or forgetting to shut the refrigerator (or whatever other silly parenting issue) we can swallow that "parent guilt" feeling and know that we are nothing like OJ.


Howard Stern whose radio show covered the OJ Murder circus back in 1995 got married to his long time girlfriend Beth Ostrosky.

The bride wore a white chiffon gown with cutaway back and sides. Officiating at the ceremony was actor Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa's husband and an ordained minister.

The 180 guests included Joan Rivers, Barbara Walters, Billy Joel, Steve Schirripa, Chevy Chase, Tommy Mottola, and Donald and Melania Trump.

They dined on tuna tataki, scrambled eggs with white truffles and striped bass with caviar — washed down with wine and champagne. Songwriter Phoebe Snow serenaded the newlyweds with "You Send Me," and Joel crooned "The Stranger."

The wedding is an about-face for the media maverick, who once worried on the air that marriage to the model could spoil a good thing.

"It's a nice feeling that we get along great," he said in 2006. "We're very happy, and I don't want to (blank) it up."

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