Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Come On This Is Funny!!!

I found this on Yummy Mummy and it is written by Blogger Sharon DeVellis.

Inside Scoop

Aging Gracefully: Or...Why The Hell Would I Ever Use That?

October 20, 2008

Occasionally I come across a product that leaves me befuddled and confused as to why anyone would ever buy it, let alone use it. A few months ago while reading O Magazine, I came across such a product.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head in disbelief. Why? I asked, Why?

Until of course, the Gods of Irony decided to teach me why someone, at some point in their life as they are getting older and strange things happen to their body, things you would never ever imagine happening, things that although you knew subconsciously would happen but never thought in a million years it would happen to you per se, could possibly want to use it.

This is a delicate topic but one that is necessary because at some point ladies, this is going to happen to you. And unless your name is Samantha and you’re part of the of Sex In The City cast, it’s not going to come up in a normal everyday discussion with your girlfriends. So being the Yummy Mummy I am, I’m going to discuss this very delicate topic. And maybe some day in the future, you’ll thank me for it.

So….let’s see… to begin….

Let’s just say your partner likes to Go DownTown ummm…Vacation South of The Border hmmmm Yodel at the Canyon….no….umm……Pearl Diving.

Yes. That’s it. Let’s say your partner likes to dive for pearls.

And let’s just say your partner is a very good pearl diver. An excellent pearl diver! In fact, it’s possible one of the reasons you’re with your partner is because of their amazing pearl diving abilities. And let’s just say your partner loves to dive for pearls. And can hold their breath for a very long time. And let’s just say your partner finds a pearl Every! Single! Time! they go diving. And they’re beautiful pearls. So beautiful they make you oooooo and ahhhhhh at the immense beauty. Maybe they even bring tears to your eyes. And let’s just say one day, your partner is pearl diving and he’s so close to finding that pearl. So close. You’ve almost got it! you yell. It's there! Right there! And suddenly your partner stops and comes up and says “Did you know you have a grey pubic hair?”

All I’m saying ladies, is if anything like this ever happens to you, there’s a product out there for that.

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