Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where Is Jennifer Hudson's Nephew?

So horrific, the coverage on Jennifer Hudson's nephew, 7-year-old Julian King is scary. To think that she and her family are dealing with the shock of the deaths of 2 family members and are waiting for news on where her 7 year old nephew is.

There is a lot of evidence and hopefully her nephew will be found. However, this poor child may have watched the murder of 2 members of his family. Whomever is responsible is a sicko and we pray that the murder/murders will be brought to justice.

The Amber alert is here.

This is the person in question.

William Balfour. Balfour has previously been convicted of attempted murder, vehicular hijacking and receiving stolen property; he was paroled in 2006. Balfour's relationship to the Hudson's is currently unknown. Police say he's possibly driving one of two cars: a white 1994 Chevrolet Suburban (IL plate - X584859) or a teal Chrysler Concord (temp tag - 332K823). Police consider Balfour armed and dangerous but has not been charged with anything. Police believe the shooting stemmed from a domestic incident. Balfour has previously listed Donnerson's home as a residence.

TMZ is reporting that the whole incident might stem from a feud between Balfour and Hudson's sister Julia, mother of missing 7-year-old Julian. Julia is a bus driver for the CTA. A posting on her MySpace picture page alludes to the incident, saying, "...William bitch ass sold my car." Pic is after the jump.

Cook County court records show Balfour pleaded guilty in 1999 to attempted murder and vehicular hijacking. He also was convicted in a 1998 case of possession of a stolen motor vehicle, records show.

Balfour was released from the Illinois River Correctional Center in Downstate Canton in May 2006 after serving seven years in prison. He is still on parole, state records show.

Balfour's mother said her son and Julia Hudson were separated and that Donerson had thrown him out of the family home last winter. While standing outside the Wentworth Area police station Friday night with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Michele Balfour denied that her son had anything to do with the slayings.

Family members said she spoke with him Friday afternoon and he seemed as if he had been sleeping. There was no trace of panic or anxiety in his voice, they said.

"I didn't raise no murderer," Michele Balfour said. "He was not a child abductor. They have the wrong person."

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