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17 Christmas Traditions

17 Christmas Traditions
Here is a list of 17 Christmas Traditions you can do with your family found onTip Junkie.

1. Nickolaus on December 6th - Nikolaus is the German Santa Claus and comes on December 6th and fills your shoes with treats and gifts. Have your kids line their shoes up by the front door the night before.

2. 25 Christmas Books - Wrap up 25 Christmas books and unwrap one and read it every night until Christmas. It's a wonderful way to get have your children practice as well as get in the Christmas spirit.

3. stocking Letters - Write notes to each other and put them in each other’s stockings. Write one letter a day and read them on Christmas morning.

4.Felt Nativity Hand Puppets - If don't have enough people in your family to act out the Nativity, this is an alternative and makes a great toy for your kiddos.

5. 12 Days Nativity: Ring & Run - Get a nativity set and wrap up each piece individually. Pick one family to anonymously deliver each piece for the 12 nights before Christmas. Attach the corresponding meaning to each one. (Print off Executive Homemaker)

6.Stamped Christmas Advent - Put it on the fridge or on a cookie sheet. Make it for your family or for a friend as a gift.

7. Wish Bottle - Hang it on the Christmas tree. Inside is a small piece of paper with your wishes for Christmas. Take turns putting in your wish list.

8. Santa Pancakes - Santa & Snowman pancakes as a Christmas Eve breakfast.

9. Gift Scavenger Hunt - Hide one of their presents and then they get to search for it Christmas morning.

10. You Got Star’d - It's like being "Boo'd" at Halloween, where you leave some goodies on the doorstep and run. Then it's your turn to "boo" someone else. Be sure to leave the Star sign out front so it doesn't happen again.

11. Laminated Finch Family Nativity - This is my favorite Christmas gift to make for friends with small kiddos. Write songs and CD track # on the back of each one with a Velcro dot. Pick a one and sing along.

12. Pajama Christmas Party - Come over in your pajamas to read Christmas stories.

13. Christmas Day Camp - Invite the Grandkids over for lots of holiday festivities and help get the house ready for the holidays.

14. Magic Elves - The magic elves, Tinsel and Twinkle It watch behavior and reports to "Santa" each night. The next morning, it returns from South Poll.

15. Magic Elf Door - Appears by our front door. It is a direct link to the elves at the north pole. Santa's elves are everywhere watching to see if you are naughty or nice.

16. Elf on the Shelf - It watches behavior and reports to "Santa" each night. The next morning, it returns from South Poll and is hiding in a different place.

17. Personalized Bins for Kids - Personalize a bin for your kiddo to have their own special Christmas boxes that contain their own ornaments, Santa hats, and other special holiday decorations.

Source Tip Junkie and Executive Homemaker

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