Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ahhhh Christmas Is Coming!!!!

Is anyone as freaked out as I am?

13 more days!!!

I am beyond stretched and strapped this holiday season.

With 7 actual, blood related nieces and a nephew, my own 2 kids, 13 honorary nieces and nephews all under the age of 19 Christmas shopping is crazy. I never stop shopping. In January you will find me hitting all the sales getting ready for the next year. The rest of the year I scout all the sales and clearances looking for the best price. I have 4 bins of new toys, bath and body gifts, books, craft kids, games, and more at the ready. Usually I have a kid in mind when I buy it and sometimes I get one thinking about the parties of classmates my kids will attend.

This year I was unable to do this. No time, finances weren't available, life gets crazy sometimes.

Now, with 13 days to spare I am looking for a way to get gifts to my overseas friends, my family in California and Florida quickly.

Dunt-da-da-da, introducing my new favorite site. Late Late Gifts! Now we can get our gifts to everyone on our list with next or same day delivery! A site for people just like me! Finally!

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