Monday, September 29, 2008

Desperate Housewives Season Premier Semi- Recap

Season 5 Was Worth It!
- Does this women have a thing for handy man or what? The cute painter wants to be her boyfriend but she "doesn't deserve to be happy". 5 years ago Susan and Mike were driving when a women blew a stop sign crashing into them. We find out that she and Mike are not longer together because she couldn't get past the guilt of "killing them."

Bree - My favorite housewife; is an author and cook a la Martha Stewart. Her daughter Danielle came and claimed the baby which sends Bree into perfection mode to the 10th power. Katherine is working for her and not getting any of the glory which provides some classic Desperate Housewife of yesteryear moments between the two. Bree has taken most of Katherine recipes as her own. They are being filmed and Katherine takes this opportunity to claim a hand injury telling Bree that she was just about to spin sugar for a dessert. Bree, spins and gets the sugar stuck to her jewelery creating a classic moment.

Gabbie - Yowza! What happened to the ex tart-let? Gabbie a mom of two girls, one who is a bit on the chunky side. It was so "Gabby" to have her rotund, princess dress daughter run after her car after being promised a doll for some forced exercise. Gabby boot camp.

Carlos is still blind and Gabby is happy about that because without facials she has let herself go. Ummm...welcome to motherhood Gabby. I found it crazy to think that Lynette looks better than Gabby. She has 2 juvenile delinquent boys and two other kids yet manages to look put together but that is just me. I am not the writer so I can't even imagine why they couldn't come up with another reason to let herself go.

Edie - "So Gabby, I have to ask: What the hell happened to you? Carlos might be blind, but the rest of us aren't." Gabby: "I had two children." Edie: "For what? Breakfast?"

Who didn't love Lynette calling one of the girls with a "she's back?!"

Edie, What is up with the marriage? Her husband is an interesting character. Creepy and making Edie seem very Stepford Wifish (is that even a word). But, Edie still looks good in a bikini.

Lynette - and Tom! Ok, her boys are crazy. Lynette still rules. After the boys holding a gambling party at their families pizzeria she asks Tom to man up and have a talk with the boys. She passes by the father/sons convo and hears Tom laughing. Feeling as though Tom is impressed by his Juvie sons she tells the boys that they are allowed to use their father's pride and joy sports car to go out. He gives them the rules, they break them and he is forced to discipline. Lynette 1 - Tom 0.

What do you think?


Mo said...

I loved it that Lynette looked better than Gabby. After last season's tragic wigs and head-wraps during the cancer ordeal, it was great to see her looking so lovely.
It was a great episode, but I still want Mike and Susan to be together.

onangelwings said...

Mo, I couldn't agree more. I love Lynette and love that she subtly shows her smarts and backbone.

Waaahhhh I want Mike and Susan together even though I honestly can't stand Susan.