Friday, September 26, 2008

Get The Scents of Twilight

I have read book 1 and 2 in the Twilight Series and love them

Check out scents inspired by Twilight

There are a total of eleven fragrances:

* Bella

* Bella's New Moon

* Edward

* Jacob

* Alice

* Jasper

* Rosalie

* Emmett

* Wedding Bells

* Bitten

* NEW! Nessie

Get them here.


bekkah said...

Okay, so I finally saw the OFFICIAL movie trailer and now I'm pretty psyched! Are we going???? :)

BAH...I had a clever comment about 'Jacob' at the ready, but I don't want to spoil anything for you!!! Read FASTER dammit!

onangelwings said...

Ahhhh...damn girl....we should so go see this movie. Maybe follow up with a baseball game and some...what...apples???

We need to make a night of it! I am so psyched for this movie. I don't think I have looked forward to a movie release like this since well....I am almost ashamed to admit it....shhhh...Grease 2.

bekkah said...

Yes...Grease 2 confessions = S.H.A.M.E.

BUT...I'll totally still be seen with you at the movies :) Mark your calendar, we're so there!!!