Saturday, September 27, 2008

RIP Paul Newman 9-26-08

Paul Newman, one of the greatest actors who ever lived has passed away in his home from Cancer.

In June 2008 it was widely reported that Newman, a former chain smoker, had been diagnosed with lung cancer and was receiving treatment at Sloan-Kettering hospital in New York City.[27] Photographs taken of Newman in May and June showed him looking gaunt.[28] Writer A.E. Hotchner, who partnered with Newman to start Newman's Own salad dressing company in the 1980s, was quoted in the media as saying that Newman told him about the disease about 18 months ago.[29] Newman's spokesman told the press that the star is "doing nicely," but neither confirmed nor denied that he has cancer.[30] In August, Newman reportedly had finished chemotherapy and had told his family he wished to die at home. His daughter, Nell, is poised to take over Newman's Own. {SOURCE}

Paul debuted on the silver screen in 1954 in a movie called the Silver Chalice

How many kids don't know Paul Newman the actor but Paul Newman the salad dressing? Back in June 2008, Paul turned over his entire ownership in Newman’s Own — the company that makes salad dressing and cookies — to charity. It was worth $120 Million dollars.

Here is a movie montage of Paul Newman with music by Staind (one of my favorite bands)

RIP Paul Newman

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bekkah said...

I heard this morning and the news made me REALLY sad. I know it's never long enough, but at least he was able to live out an entire lifetime...that's all we can hope for, eh???