Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So What did You Think About DWTS?

Last night's Dancing with the Stars was Looonnnnggg but at least it was entertaining.

Is there anyone who isn't talking about Cloris Leachman today?

I love hearing 82 year old women curse on National TV. BTW...loved Len telling Cloris to "mind her cleavage." Classic!

I loved Julianne and Cody (Hannah Montana's Jake), there were cute and their ages together do not equal Carrie Ann's age. BWaahhhh

Lacey from So You Think You Can Dance who is paired with Lance Bass must not know that he is gay. She was throwing herself all over her youth crush.

Brooke and Derek were worth a gander

Oddly enough I am in love with Rocco Dispiro

So Edyta not only ruins men's pants during the show now she is scratching her partners cornea with her fingernails.

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