Monday, January 26, 2009

Color Trends for 2009

Did you all know there was a group of folks who research and observing color trends and social issues around the globe, including ecological issues, technology discoveries, political issues and even sporting events to come up with the color trends for the year.

Now you do.

According to the Color Guild, the global paint authority, the emerging trends for the year will see a return to elemental colors. Lynn Ludlow, Color Guild color consultant states, “A focus on the state of the global economy, as well as the environment will bring consumers back to neutral colors, such as muted yellows, soft grays, café browns and khakis, in the home.”

The trends have been labeled Ease, Earthwatch, Exploration, Evolution and Expression.

Ease: Focuses on the trend to simplify and slow down life. This color palette of soft grays, muted greens and soothing lilac allows consumers to bring peace and serenity back into their home.

Color Guild’s Ease color palette includes: Leisure, Simplistic, Recoup, Natural, Purity, Chill and Response.

Earthwatch: Re-introduces natural colors as a simple reminder of how to make planet Earth a better home.

The Earthwatch color palette allows consumers to surround themselves with organic colors featuring earth tones blended with ocean blue.

Color Guild’s Earthwatch color palette includes: Ozone, Element, Flora, Continental, Tidal, Mineral Dust and Magical Moon.

Exploration: This palette is an assortment of colors that are hopeful and optimistic, including café browns, khakis and deep reds.

Color Guild’s Exploration color palette includes: Discover, Journey, Navigate, Darwin, Sahara Fire, Columbus and Trek.

Evolution: The Evolution color palette reflects this lifecycle focus with muted yellows and taupes.

Color Guild’s Evolution color palette includes: Metaphor, Progress, Advancement, Perfection, Maturation, Betterment and Influence.

Expression: Reveals a palette of vibrant colors the Color Guild has coined “Expression” that range from organic greens, and colorful peaches to dramatic purples.

Color Guild’s Expression color palette includes: Personality Plus, Organic, Drama, Symbol, Henna, Thumbprint and Unique.

Consumers can get the inside scoop on color trends in the pocket-size Color Canvas Collection card, color disks and paints at Color Guild member locations. Visit colorguild for a list of members.

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