Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bachelor - #3

Chris gives the girls their date card...

The date card is for Stephanie. From the limo Stephanie calls her daughter to wish her a happy birthday.

The limo takes Stephanie to meet Jason who is waiting for her. She throws her arms around him and the hold hands as they walk to the beach.

Stephanie does her "standard" cartwheel. Jason tells her he knows she gave up a lot and asks if she got to speak to her daughter today. He makes her turn around and Stephanie's daughter comes running down the beach into her arms. They collide and she cries as well as Jason. She tells her daughter she loves her and they frolick in the surf. Stephanie is overwhelmed and tells Jason so. She thanks him.

Jason says it was magical to see them together. He says that Stephanie deserves the world after what she has been through.

Jason, Stephanie and Sofia enjoy her birthday at an amusement park. It is too cute to see them running through the park with a little dressed up baby girl. Sofia looks like a little flower girl in her white dress. They have her dressed for their wedding already.

Jason has white picket fences in his eyes as they run and play with Sofia. Stephanie feels a connection to Jason because he reminds her of her husband.

Stephanie tells Jason that she is ready to meet Ty and that she understands what her place would be. That Ty's mom is his mom and she would be there to be a positive role model. She wants to find a man she can take care of.

Back at the house, another date card shows up and Kari, Shannon, Melissa, Noemi, Jillian, Nikki, Erica and Meghen will be one the group date.

Jason walks over to get the rose that we all knew he would be giving her. He says he had one of the most amazing days and would she accept. She says yes of course.

Jason feels it would be amazing to be with someone like Stephanie for the rest of his life.

Side Note: Could Sofia have the cutest clothes ever.

After playing Daddy, Jason is ready to party with all the other women.

The girls get out of the limo and see a showroom of busts. They will be working with an organization called Keep A Breast. They will be making sculptures of their busts, paint them and then auction them off for breast cancer awareness.

Erica and Melissa help Jason oil his body. When he asked for help they were the only two to volunteer.

Jason came around to help the girls put the casts on. Shannon asked Jason to put the gauze on because she was dying for him to touch her. She is such a loon.

Kari is excited that Jason is involved in charity because not many guys would do this. funny that Jason just hung around with no shirt on while the girls painted their busts.

Melissa must have been feeling strange or something because all of a sudden she tells Jason that she had a breast reduction.

Shannon is really a bizarre chick. She is excited that he felt her up a little bit.

Meghan tells him that everyone was excited and that doing those busts were really cool. She says she lives her life to serve people and that it has been hard to not have anyone appreciate her. She hasn't helped anyone in 10 days and she was glad to be able to give back.

Erica, thinks so is a better fit than Jason than some like Meghan.

Nikki, is upset that she has to compete with other girls because she is not use to it.

While talking Nikki and Jason ran out of things to say to each other.

Stephanie comes in with the next date card which turns out to be for Natalie.

Melissa and Shannon sit in a chair and talk quietly.

Jillian and Jason jump on a bed. She is trying too hard for me. She wants to stand out and wants to show him she is fun. She tells him that she isn't looking for marriage she is looking for someone she can't live without that she would want to marry.

Poor Shannon..what a freak. She doesn't know what to say to him so she says, "hi" and then throws her arms around him for a hug.

Jason goes to get the rose and tells the girls this was one of the coolest dates he has been on. He gives the rose to Jillian.

Nikki is sure that she is going home and she doesn't want to. She wants to fall in love.

Jason says he is extremely attracted to Natalie and wants to spend more time with her. He goes to pick up Natalie who is still getting dressed for her date. Jason takes a seat with the girls who hopefully were taking this time to spend time with him before his date with Nat.

Jason presents Natalie with a million dollars with of jewels. She is extremely materialistic and is getting the princess date she wanted. She feels like a million bucks and Jason feels she is rocking it.

The girls are very quiet as they head out onto their date wondering how the date will go since it started out like this.

God, I can't stand this chick!

Jason brings her to a private jet and if he was looking to get lucky he basically nailed it.

Stephanie the voice of reason tells the girls that Jason may fall for Natalie as they discuss what kind of girl Natalie is. They think that if Jason falls for her type that they don't see a way to get close to him.

Jason finds Natalie beautiful and feels as if they are a real couple "a celebrity couple."

Natalie sees a wedding chapel and wants to elope.

Jason says he really wants to get to know her better and he wants to give her a rose. He wishes that their conversation was better. He also says, he isn't sure if she is ready to give up party to be a mom. Although she says she is.

They dance. He says he wants to feel something for her. He wants his intuition to set in so that he can say she is the one for him. He knows that she wants him to kiss her but he doesn't want to. He wishes he felt more for her but he just doesn't.

He holds up the rose and tells her that he had a terrific date and that he can't give her the rose. He "really wanted there to be something and there isn't enough commonalities."

He feels that she is still exploring herself and she wants him to know that she is ready.

She is angry and bitter and tells him that their are people in the house that he is keeping. She shows her true colors and made it quite easy for him to realize he made the right decision. He won't ever be second guessing this decision.

Natalie knows she will be an awesome mom and that can happen tomorrow. She thinks he is intimidated by her. She says she has a lot going on. OK...

Jason heads into the party with the girls and is ready to find out who is causing fights in the house.

I am glad to see Jason decided to shave.

Jason asks the Eva Mendes, Naomi lookalike who is causing drama in the house. She tells him that she wants to talk to him about stuff that doesn't involve the girls. She tells him that he has so many of the qualities she looks for. She also tells him that she is falling for him and that she has only been with one other person in her whole life. Jason kisses her and tells her she is wonderful.

Nikki is concerned that some of the girls have been intimate with him. She is hoping for a kiss. She wants Jason to know that she can be playful.

She is being her bubbly self from the first night. Too funny, she leans in to kiss him and he has to grab her face to guide her to his face for a kiss. It was so weird. Why was she kissing air? That was the most awkward moment ever. We don't get to hear Jason's reaction to their kiss.

Erica, wants to tell Jason she is happy to be here. She feels better when he tells her that he never got a rose on the group date. She asks if he was checking out her boobs. Jason loves that she is fun.

The girls want Keri to bust out of her shell.

Molly tells him that she is getting butterflies whenever he comes around. Jason tells her that he heard from Natalie that there are people in the house that are not for him. He kisses her.

Naomi and Molly tells the girls that Natalie told Jason that there are girl in the house who don't have his best interest at heart.

Shannon feels sick tonight. She is upset because Natalie called out some girls.

Natalie tells Jason that she wants to lie on the couch with him in her Pajamas and say "hey hows your day." She wants to get to know you. She is so bizarre. She is "so ready to be a mother." "Hi I'm Shannon and I'm crying." Yuck!

Jason takes Stephanie and she tells us she wants to connect with him on a romantic level. She is so thankful for her date with her daughter. She wants to take this date to another level. She kisses him on her cheek and thanks him for having her here. She thanks him for the beautiful memory he created with Sofia. She thanks him for the feeling she has that she can love again. She kisses him and they hug. It was sweet and without passion but it was sweet.

Jason takes Lauren outside to ask about people in the house. She tells him that she doesn't see him with the drama queens in the house. She tells him that she is afraid of Megan. She says that it was Erica and Megan who were talking trash in the house.

Lauren tells Megan and the girls what was discussed with Jason. Megan tells her that she is juvenile for tattling and that they all talked about Natalie.

Chris tells the girls to let Jason knows what he needs to know before they head into the rose ceremony.

Nikki says that she feels the girl who they all believe was the drama queen is gone.

Megan feels that she feels targeted. Lauren feels that everyone has an opinion about everyone and that this is weird and awkward.

As Megan and Lauren are talking back and forth Shannon walks out of the room saying she hates it here. Jason walks off to check on her. He knocks on the door and asks if she is ok. She is really sick to her stomach.

Megan is tired of Shannon's self absorption. Jason hugs a puke smelling Shannon and she closes the bathroom door.

Lauren is nervous because she took a risk telling him names of the girls who cause drama.

Lauren comes out and apologizes.

Poor Jason. He thanks them for opening up and tells them that their opening up helped him make his decision.

The first rose goes to Molly, Lauren, Melissa, Naomi, Shannon, Nikki, and Megan.

This leaves Kari, and Erica as the two going home.

Megan is shocked and happy.

Poor Kari never came out of her shell so she never really stood a chance. She was invisible to the rest of the bolder girls.

Erica says personally she is disappointed and she feels that Megan is the reason she was sent home.

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