Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bachelor - Season 13 - Episode 2

Jason packs his son's suitcase and sends him off to his mom's house for a while.

BTW...Jason should always wear blue.

The girls check out the house they will be living in. They are like a bunch of teenagers running into the house.

Jason shows up while the girls are hanging out at the pool. Jason tells the girls that "one of you guys are going to be my wife" and everyone swoons.

Jason takes Meghan aside and tells her that if she had not been voted off to get that rose he was going to give her one anyway.

Too funny...these chicks were drooling over Jason taking his shirt off.

Jillian and Jason talk about the hot dog theory. He thinks she is hysterical. She feels an instant chemistry,

Shannon is dying for one on one time and offers to give put sun tan lotion on him. She drools over his body. She also tells him that she is ready to be a mom and why. Her friends are all pregnant. He finds her fun because she tells him how much she wants to be there.

The door bell rings and there is a rose and a letter.

Nikki was talking about how she doesn't want to fade away when the girls come over with the rose.

Whomever he gives the rose to will get a romantic dinner with Jason.

The girls decide to get more aggressive to get the rose.

Stephanie is ready for one on one and Nikki tells her how to do it. "take a drink over for the both of you and when they are done go over there." Stephanie walks over with drinks in the middle of Natalie and Jason talking and stands there. She gets uncomfortable and eventually says, "when you are done talking I would really like to talk to you".

Jason walks over to Jillian with the rose. Natalie thinks the rose is going to her.

Natalie runs upstairs and Raquel goes to her. She tells her not to let this affect her and what can happen. Natalie is upset that Jillian got the rose and thinks it should have been her.

Urrr...hello honey...there are 15 girls and everyone wants their chance. So it wasn't you this time, maybe it will be you next time.

OMG....Lauren is thankful that she wasn't chosen because "what would I have done with my hair, I would have to wear it curly. Thank God it wasn't me."

Jason and Jillian dance and cuddle. Jason leans in and kisses her. Jillian's toes are curling. She tells us that this brought their relationship to a new level. Did they in fact HAVE a relationship?????

The girls receive another note. Melissa, will be going out with Jason on a one on one date.

Jillian talks to the girls about her date. The girls ask if they kissed and she says yes. Melissa is concerned about her date, now that she is following up the Jillian date.

Jason meets Melissa at the beach. He feeds her an oyster which she hates but takes it like a lady. She tells him that she wants to teach 1st grade and that in the summer she wants to stay home with her kids. He is all smiles.

The girls get another note, this one is for Natalie, Ericka, Noami, Kerri, Sharon, Nikki are going on the date.

Jason and Melissa, sit on the rocks and check out the blimp. The blimp is like a Magic 8 ball and they talk to the blimp. Melissa and Jason kiss.

Jason and Melissa take a ride in the blimp where there is a rose waiting. Jason tells her that he had a wonderful time and asks her to accept the rose. She does, and they kiss.

Jason and 8 girls o on their group date. He takes them shopping and tells them to pick out an outfit. Natalie says this is like a dream of hers. Uhhhh...high maintenance.

Thankfully none looked too trashy well except for Natalie with her mini and high boots. Jason's clothes, Jeans, t-shirt and vest. Cute!

Erica, can't deal with all the other women.

Jason takes the girls to a pool so he can see all of them in their bathing suits again.

Jason did some white boy break dancing. While Molly, Kari and Shannon did some synchronized swimming.

Molly wanted to show him her secret talent but can't do it in front of the girls because the next moment they are leaving the pool. Her tells him that secret talent is that she is a good kisser. wasn't even a good kiss.

Natalie points out to everyone that they are kissing and Nikki tells her that it is no ones business what they are doing. She doesn't want to hear it.

Nikki lies with Jason and tells him what she feels about the girls in the house. How some are ready and some are not. She wishes that he can see what happens in the house.

Naomi tells Jason that no matter what she would always want to be his friend. She asks "can we french kiss" Jason says, "what" and she asks again. He gives her one but what the hell, is she like 12 years old?

Jason gives the rose to Molly. I am honestly not sure why she did but Naomi was very upset. Seeing her cry over not getting the rose was odd.

Raquel decides to sneak into his limo to get some one on one time with him. She asks if he had enough of her already. It is a little creepy for her to sneak in there and he seemed a little off about it.

She is certain that Jason is the one for her. She wants someone to love her so much that if she were to die, someone would love her so much they would not be able to remarry. Sad!

Jason sits with Erica and asks about her behavior on the way home. He wants to know why she was so quiet on the way home.

He sits with Lauren and she tells him that she wants a two way street. She wants him to initiate things with her. He says that she is someone who needs a lot of reassurance and it may be more than he can give her right now.

Nikki and Melissa discuss the show and how the girls don't realize the show. How they would have to give up their lives and move to Seattle to be an instant mom.

Shannon and Jason get together and he quizzes her on himself. She knows everything he asks. Scary. She tells him "you're so cute" about 10 times. She tells him that if it works out it will be great. She is nutz.

Megan feels that Stephanie and her are great because they are moms.

Megan wants to know about Stephanie and asks about her husband. Stephanie tells them that her husband was a prince of a man. She tells them that her husband was killed and the girls cry as they listen. She tells them that she doesn't want to talk about her husband and how great he is she wants to talk about how great Jason is.

Megan and Jason sit for some one on one time. She talks about her daughter. I don't see much of a connection between them but I want good things for her.

Lisa tells Jason that she is going to leave to be with her family because her grandma is sick and her family needs her.

Shannon & Lauren are sad Lisa is leaving but they feel this is one less girl they have to worry about. Lauren says it's sad but she is not hear for the girls and she doesn't really care.

Megan is pissed that Jillian interrupted their date because she already has a rose. Megan watches them from afar that goes to complain to the girls.

Erica goes and tells Jillian that she has her back because there are some girls who are pissed and were talking about her.

Nikki asks him if he thinks he can find someone in this house. She tells him that there are people here that are not ready for this.

Erica says Megan is a mess. She approaches Megan and tells her that she is very disappointed in her. They go at it and the girls heads turn as if watching a tennis match.

Jason joins the girls who all seem very serious. Chris calls Jason aside to get the rose ceremony underway.

These girls are all about drama and more than 50% are self absorbed.

Chris and Jason talk in private and Chris tells him the girls are getting catty. They discuss Stephanie and how she is missing her daughter's birthday to be here.

They discuss how Lauren doesn't feel comfortable. He tells Chris that Lauren is used to being the center of attention and that she let him know she is uncomforable. He finds Nikki has his best interest at heart. He thinks a lot of the girls look up to Nikki. He talks about how much Shannon knows about him.

Chris asks about Raquel waiting in the limo. Jason says that it surprised him. He knows she wants to be noticed. When Chris brings up Megan, Jason says that his one on one time with Megan was good. He enjoyed that they talked more than just about their kids.

Jason informs Chris that he is falling for more than 1 person. I wonder who!

Watching Chris talk to the girls about the rose ceremony I am thinking he must have a pact with the devil. He looks the same from the beginning. Some of these girls were in middle school when he started hosting this show.

Jason gives the first rose to Megan. Why wouldn't he, she is a stunner.

The second goes to Nikki who is simply beautiful in her print dress.

Lauren gets he third rose. I am shocked because I though she would go home.

Naomi is next. Followed by Stephanie, Kari, Natalie (orange girl), damn I wanted her to leave too.

Shannon is next...damn it...I wanted her to go because she annoys me.

Erica gets the last rose. I am not sure why she didn't pass out. She puts his hand on on breast to feel her heart.

Raquel (limo stow away) and Sharon (who quit her job to be on the show) do not get roses.

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