Monday, January 5, 2009

The Bachelor - Season 13 - Episode 1

The beginning of the Bachelor we get to see how Jason become the bachelor and loads of him working out. He looks hot and I hope there are some nice, CLASSY girls on this show because honestly the scenes they keep showing look like there are a bunch of bitches (retracting my claws).

Jason says he has a connection with Meghan. Meg has a 14 month old baby boy.

Jason picked up the rose and walked out the of the room to give it to Nikki. I loved how he walked past Melissa who said, "hi" as he walked past her. I think she thought that rose was coming her way.

His 3 year old Ty will be around for the beginning of this season which I like. Some of my girlfriends have been talking about not watching the show because of this but for me this makes perfect sense. Jason is a dedicated dad looking for a women to JOIN his family. Ty is his family and however comes in might as well know from the beginning that they will always be second to his son. A real women would understand this and respect it.

We shall see.

The next segment shows the women talking about Jason. We get to meet each of them and I love the editing. It does seem like we will see a fist fight this season. There are some hardcore chicks on this seasons Bachelor. I'm scared folks.

There are some single moms on the show this season. I am really excited to see how this dynamic plays out. Girls with kids and girls without really stretches the playing field. I can't believe how kooky some girls are. The dental hygienist freaks me out. Jillian the Interior Decorator has a whole hot dog science. She says she can tell what kind of guy someone is by what they put on their hot dog. Odd! Jason is a mustard guy in case there are any other hot dog crazy chicks out there who can gauge a guy by what he puts on his pork.

Nikki, has a sign on her head that says add water instant mother.

Renee, and her vision boards really freaks me out. A 36 year old who cuts out words from magazines to trace out the path of her life needs to get a life.

Stephanie is a widow with a little girl and she and Jason share a moment outside. He tells her that she is amazing. I wonder if she will get the first impression rose.

Jason finally puts his coat over Lauren the teacher from NJ. He was dying to do this because he must have asked a bunch of girls and everyone said no. Dumb girls.

Jason had a "surprise for her" she thought she was getting the "first impression rose" but it was a cake for her birthday. Bwaahhhh hahahah...poor Lauren.

Since this is the first single dad on the bachelor this season, the powers that be decided to add another first..a girl will be sent packing this evening by ballot. All the girls will vote to send someone home. I hate this idea. The perfect girl for Jason could be sent packing because a bunch of chicks noticed him connecting with someone. Sad!

He gives the first impression rose to Nikki

Jason says he has a connection with Megan but then her name comes up on the ballot box to leave. Chris comes in and tells the girls that Megan is leaving tonight but she is leaving with a rose.

When she gets up to get her rose she calls the girls "bitches". Ahh...exactly what the Powers that Be wanted to happen. Now, the girls have to live with the women they voted out. This is what makes interesting TV, people.

Stacie, Renee (vision board chick), Jackie ("she thought she found the man of her dreams" didn't she just meet him?) don't get roses.

Ahhhhh we get to see clips of the upcoming episodes. What the hell??? DeAnna is here???!! This has to be just edited segments intended to make us all wonder if she wants Jason back. I can't imagine it is her that he proposes to when we here him say, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

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