Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Return of Natalia/Emily Quartermaine?

Natalia Livingston (Emily Quartermaine) returns as someone named Rebecca. Does she have a connection to Emily? Only time will tell?

Beginning January 15, General Hospital (the building, and the show!) erupts into full blown crisis -- on a scale on par with past stories like the Metro Court hostage crisis, the train wreck, and the Port Charles Hotel fire. The residents of Port Charles are going to figure out pretty fast that every minute counts, because it could be their last. And yeah, that means death.

And since one impending disaster is never enough, look for tensions between Sonny and Jason to reach a fever pitch this week. They continue to provoke each other, while Claudia keeps playing them against one another -- and that's not even including role the FBI plays when they offer Jason Spinelli's freedom in exchange for Sonny's. Yep, Jason has to choose: Spinelli or Sonny.

All this, PLUS: Robin's post-partum depression worsens -- even as she and Patrick look to buy a new house next door to Elizabeth, Sam considers a new career path, Nadine takes on the U.S. government, and Carly might finally convince Jax their marriage is worth saving.

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