Monday, January 26, 2009

The Bachelor #4 Recap - New Season 13

Wow....I am so excited about tonight show. Jason and the girls will be heading to the set of General Hospital a show I have watched for over 30 years.

Chris starts the show by telling the girls have to earn this weeks one on one date by writing and performing a song for Jason. They have 30 minutes to write and Molly is sure she will sound like a professional song you would hear on the radio. Nikki is emotional because this is way outside her box. Shannon will rap like Jason did when he was on the show.

Nikki talks about being a control freak like it is a bad thing. She is crying that she just can't do this.

Molly goes first and sings about "nuggets and french fries".

Shannon raps about how "hot" Jason is.

Jillian was looking for "adventure".

Lauren sang a full song about a "leap of faith that everyone should take".

Nikki sits there fanning herself and gets up sings a song she "would want to sing to her baby one day".

Jason chooses Molly who incorporated him in the song when she asked him to sing with her.

Shannon brings in Molly's note from Jason which says "let's stay home tonight at my place".

Jason and Molly have a picnic with fries, burgers. Not sure if it's hot in there but Molly is a bit sweaty.

The girls get the group date box which include Jillian, Lauren, Shannon, Megan, Melissa, and Naomi. Which means that Nikki and Stephanie are on the two-on-one date.

Nikki cries about going up against Stephanie.

Meanwhile back at Jason's, they are making s'mores by a campfire. She tells him that she is having the time of her life and she sees herself with someone exactly like him. He has all the qualities of someone she wants to be with. She is looking through a crystal ball and can see what kind of husband he would be and what kind of father he would be.

Jason gives Molly a rose and tells her the more he gets to know her the more he likes her.

Molly has butterflies and says that you can tell a lot from kissing someone. He asks her to camp out with him so the night doesn't end. They enter the tent and you can hear kissing and moaning.

Back at the house Shannon waits up for Molly's return. She will be waiting a long time because Molly doesn't return until morning. He walks her back to the house where they kiss. Molly tells us that she has no regrets and that she is the first girl in bachelor history to have to do the walk of shame. She also tells them that she didn't get much sleep.

Melissa doesn't like that she smells like Jason and that she is wearing his pants.

Jason walks in and heads out with the group date girls. They arrive on the set of General Hospital. They walk in and flip out over the set. I would totally flip out too.

Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie (Kristen Storms) are doing a scene. They end the scene and send the girls to hair and make-up.

Jason is ready to play doctor and walks around with a stethoscope checking everyone's heart. Kristen talks to the girls about the kissing scene. Shannon volunteers to kiss Jason to show everyone how is should be done.

So fun to see them on the set of GH. Jason plays a doctor who is having an affair with his maid Naomi. They kiss and Lauren walks in. The director says all wrong and makes them kiss again. Melissa can't take all the kissing. She is freaking out. The girls are getting pissed because Lauren keeps messing up the scene which makes them have to kiss again and again.

Next, Jason and Jillian are sitting on the Q's couch and Jason's character has to propose to her and tell her that he loves her.

Melissa is having a very hard time watching all the make out scenes.

Nikki and Stephanie discuss their upcoming date with Jason. Nikki wants to tuck Ty in and be in love again.

Megan loves her character's outfit. She gets to seduce Jason in "Jason's" apartment. He tells her character he loves her and they make out while the rest of the girls yell cut.

Poor Jason is fanning himself trying to calm down from all his kissing scenes.

Jason and the girls heard out to a wrap party. The girls are very stressed and emotions are very high. The girls are not enjoying themselves, everyone is jealous over his time with everyone else.

Naomi sits alone, Jason walks over and they talk. He tells her there is a connection and she tells him that she is so scared. She cries and he tells her that she is one person that he would always want the best for. He says that they will be in each other's life for a long time.

Melissa talks to Megan about how much it hurt her to see Jason kissing the other girls. Shannon tells Jillian that this is very hard for her.

Megan tells the girls that the process is hard but to enjoy themselves.

Megan takes Jason aside and him that all the girls are saying "this is so hard" but she says everything is perfect. Jason hugs Megan and she wants him to kiss her, he doesn't.

Shannon says for her it was love at first sight and she really wants to talk to him. She is "hanging on by a string."

Lauren feels confident and asks Jason why he kept Megan. She tells him that he needs to give her a rose tonight. Wow, I am shocked that she asked. What business is it of hers. Jason looks pissed and I think she just signed her goodbye ticket.

Jason takes Melissa aside to talk to her. They hug and she cries. He sits her down and she tries to compose herself and he hugs her. She tells him that today proved to her that she really does care about him. She tells him "Apparently I have fallen for you." He says, I like that and they kiss. Shannon busts in on their time together.

Shannon takes Jason aside and tells him that this has been so difficult for her. She feels that she has frozen up and that she put a wall up. She tells him "you can't let me go. I have so much to offer you. I am not letting you let me go. You have to believe in me right now. I am looking for my best friend. I want to be a mother. I want to meet Ty. I want you to come home with me."

Jason says he is sad when Shannon says this to him because he doesn't have the deep feelings that she is developing.

Shannon leans in to kiss him and she feels that he cut it short. He did!! She feels like it was a rejection because he kept telling her that she had napkin on her face.

She was snotting all over herself can she blame him? Who wants to kiss that!?

Jason gives the rose to Naomi and tells her "thanks for being you."

Lauren feels like an idiot. She should!

Jason appreciates that the girls all opened up to him, and they all toast.

Nikki and Stephanie get ready for their date. The doorbell rings and the girls head downstairs to see two stunning ball gowns.

Stephanie looks stunning in her gown. The girls are glowing. Jason knows this will be a tough night. He likes both of these girls and feels that one of these two could be his wife. He believes this could be one of the hardest things he will have to do.

Jason, Stephanie, Nikki head out. Nikki got the first impression rose and he liked her right off the bat but feels she just stays in the box. He feels that Stephanie is a wonderful women, great mom, great person but wants to make sure that there is a romantic connection.

There is a dancing lesson and everyone is nervous. Nikki and Jason look awkward. I love that she is giggling because you don't usually see her like that. Stephanie can dance and has taught ballet. She has confidence and wishes Nikki was out of the picture. They dance well together and she feels there is a connection. Nikki feels they look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. She feels like a third wheel. She steps outside her box and steal Jason back for a dance. Stephanie cuts in and takes her moment. She wants to kiss him. Nikki wants the last dance and steps in again.

Jason believes both girls have amazing qualities. Jason asks both women about leaving their hometown to be with him. Nikki says she could leave because she has no one to answer to it's just her. Stephanie says that she will be wherever the one she loves is. Nikki tells Jason about her 11 year relationship. He pulls her aside to hear more of it. She is much more open and happy on this date. She is definitely trying to get that rose and it is working for her. She is shining, comfortable and happy.

He takes Stephanie aside and she tells him how happy she is to get this opportunity. She is happy to be able to open her heart. She tells him she is attracted to him and is dying to kiss him. She is too much of a lady to make the first move.

Jason knows he has to send one of them home. He says this is very hard and that he sees them both as two of the most amazing people in the house. He tells Stephanie she has a heart of gold and tells Nikki that she is as sweet as can be. He give the rose to Stephanie. She feels terrible for Nikki and doesn't take any time to be thankful for the moment. He walks Nikki out and tells her how great she is. He says this was the hardest decision he has ever had to make.

Nikki tells us that she never saw this coming. She says she is in shock and doesn't know how to react. She doesn't know how much smarter or prettier she can get. She knows she could have been very good for him and that she is disappointed.

Jason walks back to Stephanie who tells him she knows that was hard to do. They hug and dance some more.

Jason finally kisses Stephanie and it seems a bit forced but I like that he went in for it.

The girls discuss how hard it is getting. Jason walks in and everyone stands up.

Jillian and Jason head outside to talk. He tells her that he likes that she can separate it all. She tells him she loves their talks and she is grateful.

Melissa and Jason talk about the last time the spoke. She apologizes and he says he knows what it feels like for her. She tells him she notices the little things and points them out to him. She tells him she knows how she feels about him. He kisses her.

Megan is not feeling confident because they haven't had a lot of one on one time. He takes her outside. She feels she is the best for him out of everyone in the house. She tells him she isn't feeling confident and he tells her to be confident in herself. He asks her to waltz. They dance and hug.

Jason walks in and Shannon and Lauren are talking. Shannon asks if he had fun last night. Lauren tells him that she is going to give Jason a slap. She tells him that she is mad that he didn't give her a rose. She is smiling and hopefully he knows she is joking.

She tells him he wants to kiss her. He leans in to kiss her and she goes for it. She feels confident and that she has the strongest connection with him "the other girls need to go home."

The first rose goes to Melissa, then Jillian. He picks up the last rose and says, "I'm sorry. I can't do this. I can't give out this final rose. Megan you are amazing. Lauren you are honest, real. Shannon you are a beautiful person but I can't lead anybody on. I don't see forever and I don't want to lead anybody on.

Megan, Shannon and Lauren will be leaving tonight. Lauren tells him that she respects him but she tells us that she doesn't think its fair that he changed the rules by not giving out the last rose.

Shannon feels Jason is the perfect man. She says she wants a connection and when she gets home will use her electric toothbrush and make out with her puppy.

Megan is shocked and is hurt and confused. She says it is pathetic how much she doesn't want to go home right now.

Stephanie, Jillian, Melissa, Naomi, and Molly are left and Jason says "one of you, I will definitely spend the rest of my life with."

Diary of the Departed


LStewart said...

I was pleased with this weeks results. I'm pulling for Melissa. She is the only one I've really seen as real.

MySweetThree said...

I love that you do a recap! I know where to go should I (GASP) miss an episode. I just knew Jason was going to be the next bachelor after his turn on the bachelorette, and I am so glad he is! I love this show!

onangelwings said...

LStewart, I agree with you. I still don't know enough about any to say who he should be with. I like Melissa but I like Stephanie too.

MySweetThree, Come over anytime. I love this show and by doing the recap I don't feel like it's a waste of time. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

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