Thursday, April 3, 2008

American Idol Send Off - Bye Ramiele

Alas, Ramiele bids us a farewell.

Brooke was sent to safety leaving tiny Ramiele (she is probably my height. Crap, I just checked and yup that is what I would look like standing there too. We are both 4'11" I think I have 3/4 over her though) and humongous Kristy on the stage with Ryan.

Brooke is told she is safe for another week. Ramiele sings for the last time on the Idol stage. Curtain.
Has anyone seen some of the supposed scandalous pictures of Ramiele. Gasp, is this really scandalous or am I just jaded? Because honestly it just looks like a girl taking a picture while playing around with some girlfriends. Not something I have ever done (wait I'm lying there was this time...) but if this is the worst my daughter does in her younger years I think all will be ok.

The first time I have cried since someone left Idol. Not because I LOVE Ramiele just because she looked so sad.

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