Saturday, April 12, 2008

Eye Candy - Josh Holloway

Way back in the beginning, I used to have a meme thingy called Maria's Eye Candy and I would post pictures of well, hot men. I originally considered putting all kinds of eye candy things up like, a latte, a cute bunny, whatever, but mostly the Eye Candy Man took over and it was fun.
So for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy some yummy pictures of my current wet dream.

Yup, I'd lock his ass up in a cage in my room if I ever got my claws into him.

I know I have already posted Josh aka Sawyer from Lost but you know, you just can't go wrong with Josh!

Is it the dimples, the hair, the body, the twinkling eyes? Who cares?! Is there a hotter man than Josh? I think not!

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