Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Final 2

Well, Ryan and Adam are in the final two.

I wonder which one of these bible bros will be crowned the winner of BB.

Either way, they both should be proud to have gone this far. Adam had big problems in the beginning when his partner Sheila was upset to be straddled with him.

She considered him to be the ugliest guy in the house and wondered why she didn't get a nice young hunk. She was rude and nasty to a stranger that she didn't even know based on his looks. Talk about prejudice.

Ryan, who came in secretly with his girlfriend Jen were both paired with other partners. She and her partner were the second couple evicted from the house.

Over at the sequester house I have been trying to guess who will vote for Ryan and who will vote for Adam.

I actually think Ryan will walk away with more votes because everyone will see that he played the game stronger and that Adam rode his coat tails.

Anyone's game.

Personally, this is probably the first BB that I could care less who wins.

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