Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol - Top 9 - Hello Dolly

The idols were mentored by the legendary and beloved Dolly Parton this week.

Brooke White - Sang Jolene - About Dolly she said, "she's a tiny girl but she is huge" Bwaaahhh come on that is funny. I thought she would do this song. I really love this song off of the first Dolly album I ever owned "The Best of Dolly Parton. I loved this album and over played at my house when I was younger. I thought she did ok. It was a good choice of song but I didn't get any feeling from it.

Randy - There was some pitch problems but it was alright.

Paula - You are consistent. You have an emotional connection to each song you pick. You are Brooke White, excellent and wonderful. Ummm ok.

Simon - Actually I totally disagree with Paula. You were busting through the song. I thought all of you looked very odd together. It wasn't one of your best performances.

Dave Cook - sang Little Sparrow which Dolly said was one of your favorite songs. I don't believe I even know this song. He did his own arrangement and well, it sounded pretty good to me. I liked the Sting vibe when the drums came in. It was really pretty. I thought he did really well.

Randy - You know what, I love that you show you have an unbelievable range. ANother hot perforamnce.

Paula - I liked your hair cut. I can see your face. I never heard a guy do that song. It was fantastic. Going into your false, and strong, it shows how well runded you are.

Simon - If you can make a song about sparrows good and you did. Congratulations.

Ramiele - Sang Do I Ever Cross Your Mind - I don't think she will be in the top 4. I just don't see the talent that everyone else is showing. She sounded really unsure and timid. Where is that big ole voice everyone fell in love with?

Randy - So, I wasn't jumping up and down. It was alright. You showed some strength. It was good.

Paula - I am proud of you. I think you had a great minute and 30 seconds. You were having fun.

Simon - We are not going to remember this in 10 years. I thought it was forgettable. Something you would see on a cruise ship.

Jason Castro sang Traveling Through. I am so hot for this kid. He is so damn cute. I liked it. I like him and think he is so damn mellow and adorable. Can't we all see Jason just sitting with a yellow flower in his hair, on some grass with a poncho, singing with his guitar? Hot baby.

Randy - I thought it started rough. I thought it was kinda cool. I started believing it. You worked it out.

Paula - This was one of your stronger performances. You were confident. It was great, I loved it.

Simon - I didn't like that at all. It was like the same song from before. If this was the first time I had heard you, I wouldn't get it.

Let's all not forget that Simon doesn't love country music.

Carly Smithson sang Here You Come Again and she sounded awesome. Just friggin awesome. I liked it so much and I think she gave it a whole new life. It sounded updated and fresh. I liked the slow pace and her beautiful, flawless voice with the guitar was so pretty.

Randy - I do believe that will probably be one of the better perforamnces of the night.

Paula - That was glorius. That voice of yours...you look great. Oh my God.

Simon - I thought it was good, I didn't think it was great. It is one of those nights. I think you have to have a word with whoever is dressing you. You have to start looking more like a star. I don't see that progression at the moment.

David Archuleta sang Smoky Mountain Memories and Dolly had to keep herself from crying. I love this song, it is a really beautiful song and David did it great justice. I thought he did really well.

Randy - That was the best performance of the night.

Paula - Amazing tone and aura.

Simon - This week absolutely on the money.

Kristy Lee Cook sang Coat of Many Colors which has a really special place in my heart because it is the song I sing to my babies. I sang it every night while I nursed and it never fails to make me cry all the time. I thought she did a fabulous job. I really wanted it to be sweeter and softer but it was good. But what was up with the hair?

Randy - Country music is your wheel house.

Paula - You look stunning. You look beautiful. It was a beautiful performance. It was your best.

Simon - I totally disagree. I thought this was pleasant and forgettable.

Syesha sang I will ALways Love You a really difficult song especially since she will be compared to Dolly and Whitney. Good luck girlie. t started out pretty rough but she took it really slow and beautiful and built it up for the finale. Which was pretty damn good.

Randy - You took on the biggest tigger of the night. It was alright.

Paula - Your voice. When you are in that velvet tone, that is it for you. You are connecting with the audience and I love it.

Simon - This is one of the best pop songs ever written. The second part paled in comparison to Whitney.

Michael John sang It's All Wrong But It's All Right. Dolly fell under his spell too. Damn baby boy, you are hot with that scarf and dark clothes. Hot. I don't really care what the hell he sings. I love him. I loved the whole bluesy feel and his face when he sings makes me grrr...yeah baby.

Randy - You keep on bringing it up every week. Blazing hot.

Paula - You are a star. A rock star. A blues star.

Simon - I have to say something to you. I think this is the best I have heard you.

This is really hard because everyone really is good at this point so it was hard to chose (for me) anyone other than Ramiele.

Bottom 3 - Ramiele, Brooke, Jason
Top - Michael John
Going Home - Ramiele

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