Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Big Brother 9 Recap

This was such a good episode.

The whole house wants James out of the house and James knows it.

We watch poor James mope around the house without Chelsia.

I am not sure what Sheila thinks she has up her sleeve but we see Sheila talking to James in the sauna telling him that he is a great player and can win the POV. He says in Diary how much it meant to hear this.

Then, we see her talking to Josh and talking him up. She has the ears of the rest of the Houseguests and James overhears her trying to rally them against him.

James comes into the room and Nat tries to tell her to "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah" but she doesn't get it and James says he heard everything.

He again finds her telling Josh that everyone wants him out.

Adam comes into the bedroom to tell Josh and James that Sheila feels better and James says "for getting that off her chest."

He flies outside to confront Sheila in his black bikini undies and a t-shirt. He shouts, thrusts out his arms and spits at Sheila. She holds her own and they argue some more. I really thought he was going to lose his ever loving mind and hit her. I was expecting someone to rush out and break it up. It was crazy.

Then James is telling the Houseguests that he heard everything about the whole house wanting him out, "you guys voted me out, why did you vote me back? You should have kept me out."

Nat and James shout it out in the hallway in front of some HG's and he yells how he only had Chelsia and she says she only had Matty. Yada, yada. James tells her that she has people she can talk to and "people you can play with, I have no one to play with."

Awww...I'll play with you James!

Ryan comes in saying that everyone feels they have been targeted at one time and James says, he's just mad at Sheila, and he is losing his voice.

Nat hugs him.

James talks about how he has been straight with everyone and how Sheila keeps being two face or something. He tells Nat that she says she had an ear with Adam's votes when he was HOH and she says, a little bit.

Adam, who is reading the bible sits up. He walks into the room and says "if my name comes up, I am going to speak up too. "Don't put me in a corner here bro. Everybody in this house wanted you on the block and you are gunning for me bro.

James says, he was only talking Nat. Adam tells him "you are right, you are pigeonholed and no one wants you in the house and it sucks for you dude. I don't want anyone throwing me under the bus."

James tells him "no one was throwing you under the bus go back to reading your bible."

Adam, smiles and says, "I will." Everyone chuckles including me. I love this lighthearted moment in the chaos.

Nighttime and James wakes up and heads to the kitchen. Josh follows and they discuss Sheila and James' one man island. James tells him that "he has no one in the game and for Sheila to support him it had really meant a lot to him and then to hear her bashing him was really hard." He starts crying and Josh tells him that Sheila is the ultimate 2 face player.

James and Josh hug and James tells Diary that there is no nice way to play BB. He cries and says how much this has hurt and how he can't believe that he is crying. "This is the first time I have cried since my dad died."

POV competition underway and everyone heads to the backyard.

The game gets down to James, Ryan and Sheila who by the way can't guess estimates for the life of her.

James WINS and shouts, "oh my God" at least 3 times before throwing himself on his knees in rock star style.

For some reason after James wins, Sharon runs over to Josh who puts up his hands and says, "I want to be left alone" in total Diva fashion. He "feels like he just went to his own funeral and was put in the ground with everyone already moving on. His game is done and over with." Wahhhh...

James dances around his room and throws his POV medal at the camera, "I've got the veto".

More crying is done by Josh this time but it seems very poor Hollywood acting to me.

Sharon comes in and tells Josh that she will take care of it and nothing is definite. He again tells her that he just wants to be left alone.

Sharon and Nat talk in the pantry and Nat tells her "I'm going to have to put you up because I can't put anyone on my side up."

She heads back to Josh and says, "she's putting me up." Josh says, he knows an that she is the ultimate pawn.

Sheila, Josh and Sharon are talking in the kitchen and Josh says he isn't going to go all Chelsia, he loves Sharon too much and game is over yada, yada. He says, we have each other and we have to stick together. Sheila starts crying. Josh starts crying. Sharon starts sobbing.

Poor heartbroken Sharon goes to the bathroom to cry in private and Josh goes to the food pantry. Sheila heads in to console Sharon. She tells her that Josh loves her so much and that he is such a great guy, they will be friends forever.

I love this scene by BB editors. I love that Sheila is talking about Sharon not letting Josh down and we hear Josh's voice over say, "wait a minute, why does Sharon get to stay?" Dun dud, dun dun...Wiping his tears away he heads up to HOH to chat with Nat.
He tells her that he is her friend and that he will not campaign against Sharon but will cut her a deal. He will get two votes and she will break the tie, voting Sharon out.
Josh goes to Ryan and James separately and tells them what transpired. They both promise him their votes.
Sheila is still talking to Sharon in the bathroom about what an upstanding guy Josh is. Bwaah...
"He's going to walk out with his head high..."

James calls a POV meeting and takes himself off. Nat puts Sharon up.

Sharon says in Diary that it will be hard for her because she is very motherly and she has become responsible for Josh and he will probably walk out that door and she will stay and fight for his honor.

Josh says in Diary that he didn't come for second place he came to win and if that means getting rid of Sharon so be it.

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