Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Til Death Do Us Part - Bye Josh

I love that Josh was let go last night on BB.

Julie gives us the low down on what has been happening in the house.

Natalie tells Josh that she doesn't want to be the tie breaker so he goes out to try to win over one more vote.

It was so pathetic, Josh pretending to cry over his pizza so that he can get the sympathy vote from Adam.

Poor Adam, "what's the matter. I'm here for you buddy. It's going to be ok. It's hard Joshuah, cry it out." As Josh holds Adam and sobs into his shoulder. Friggin Josh....I want him booted just for that scene. Getting Adam all upset over nothing. For anyone looking for a good baby daddy, check Adam man. That's the man, holding a sobbing man, wiping tears, pep talking. Nice job Adam!

I LOOOOOVVVEEED Natalie pulling Sharon in to HOH and telling her that Josh has been campaigning against her. BWaahhhhh...sucker. He thought he had it in the bag.

The girls pull Sheila in who is just as shocked. What!? Our Josh, didn't we just cry over him?

Nat tells Ryan the plan is now to get Joshuah out and he says he doesn't trust her. Nat heads over to Sharon and tells her to talk to him. They talk and she pulls him in.

Nat gets Ryan, Sheila and Adam to vote Josh out without telling James and Josh this is the new plan. I love it!

I loved when Josh is asked by Julie about being on the block with Sharon and he says that he loves and and would never campaign against or try to take her down. Bwaaahh.

Josh's parents watching him between their fingers and covering their ears while watching him was too much. I felt bad for his mom. Do we really ever know our kids? I would hope that I will as they get older.

When Julie talks to Nat she tells her that when she was little God used to talk to her and tell her that she is the glue that holds the family together. I want God to talk to me do I need a boob job to have that happen?

Sheila, Ryan and Adam (although he seems upset by this) vote to evict Josh.

James votes to evict Sharon

Josh is told he is evicted, he stands up and gives a pretty decent speech. He tells them to be true to themselves. He tells them that he stands for what he believes in yada yada yada.

Bye Bye.

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