Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol Recap - Top 6 Perform Musical Numbers

Tonight, AI's top 6 are mentored by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Syesha Mercado sings "One Rock and Roll Too Many." I thought she did a pretty good job and we all agree she could have a career on Broadway. I loved the band interaction and so did the judges.

Jason Castro sang Memory from Cats. He looked as adorable as can be, but it was a bit torturous. He looked uncomfortable singing it and it was uncomfortable to listen to.

Brooke White sang You Must Love Me from one of my favorite musicals Evita. She had a rough beginning where she forgot the last word in the first sentence and started again. That error made her very uncomfortable though out the song. She shows vulnerability but was it because she gets the song or because she fucked up the beginning?

David Archuleta sang some song that I never heard of called Think of Me. It was just ok for me. Randy and Paula loved it though.

Carly Smithson sang Jesus Christ Superstar. She had wanted to sing All I Ask of You from my one of my other favorite musicals Les Miserables' and I would really have liked to hear that but Andy Weber talked her out of it. Oh well! She did an amazing job and her outfit rocked.

David Cook sang Music of The Night of Phantom. God damn I love the music of Phantom. Even the movie was good. Ahhh...David was awesome and I do believe that he has sold a bunch of teenage girls on Phantom. Don't be surprised if there is a surge on Phantom soundtracks this week.

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