Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Til Death Do Us Part

Sunday's Episode -

We start out with the HOH competition underway. Everyone except for Adam is trying to stay in a hanging box the longest.

I wonder if BB looked for people with the most annoying voices this season. Jen, Sharon, Sheila, Matt, Josh and Natalie, all grate on my nerves.

Sharon was out after 8 minutes. Something about her back hurting, then her legs. She fell, Adam went over to carry her to a seat. Sheila says, "I think Adam has a new soul mate." Sharon whispers to Adam, "I'll just have to win POV." He tells her, "you're gonna have to."

All these exchanges were really interesting.

Sheila wants this so bad because she wants badly to see a picture of her son. She shouts out a "Mick, I love you" to the camera.

She also tells everyone that she has to do this for pictures of her son. She needs this! "I need to!"

Sheila and Nat get into a competitive bitch vest. Sheila says she isn't dropping. Nat says she doesn't feel safe and what fun would it be if she did? Sheila tells her to stay up as long as she can.

Nat feels as though she has this in the bag, "my muscles are good!" and "I'm chillin' like a fillin." Huh?

Sheila tells them that she is feeling old and that she has 15 years on them all.

Nat comes back with a "yeah you do!"

Sharon and Adam head inside for a moment. Adam says, "I'll be right back." Sharon says, "I have to pee." Natalie says, "yeah, yeah." They walk in and Nat says, "we should make a deal with them gone."

Sheila, Ryan and Nat make a deal. Since Sheila really wants this, Ryan says, "he would be willing to give this to Sheila." Nat says, "I want to make sure Ryan and I don't go on the block."

Sheila tells them that she will put Adam and Sharon up.

They make the deal and decide to stay up longer so that it looks like they didn't make a deal to Sharon and Adam.

Sheila tells Diary that Ryan and Nat cut the deal and she thought they were all in an alliance already.

Ryan tells Diary that he trusts Sheila more than he trusts Nat right now. Ummm...

Adam comes out and Sheila cuts a deal with Ryan. He says ok and falls at 2 hour and 47 minutes.

Nat who has already cut a deal with Sheila minutes ago gets into a What would Jesus Do thing about should she drop or not with Sharon. Sharon tells her he would drop for Sheila. Adam looks concerned because he knows that if Ryan and Nat cut a deal with Sheila, obviously he will end up on the box. He doesn't know that Sheila plans on back dooring Nat.

Nat carries on for more than 15 minutes about her being a good person before finally dropping, "the good person in me wants to drop but the fire in me wants to stay. What should I do."

Somehow after Sheila wins and then drops, she cracks a tooth. Everyone celebrates and Sheila holds a broken tooth (?) in her fingers before saying she needs to see a dentist.

Ryan, Nat and Adam meet up and they discuss the deal. Nat tells him that Sharon will be leaving.

Baller is concerned about being on the block and upset with Nat trying to convince him that he is ok and they are sending Sharon home, followed by Sheila next week "following the plan."

Nat tells Baller/Adam not to be mad at her and then heads to Sheila in the food pantry and they hug. She tells her that as long as they stick to the plan everything will be ok.

We get to see Sheila's HOH with pictures of her son, brother and sister. There is also a smoking hot picture of her at 25 where Adam and Ryan drool for a moment.

Ryan reads Sheila's letter from her son to her as she and the houseguests hang on each other and listen.

Sheila under protest massages Adam. She tells him while rubbing him down, how hard it is and how SheBot has this hard exterior and how she can't let anyone see the sweet, little girl who cares about everyone that is inside of her.

Adam tells her, "I see her all the time." Awwwwww..sweet.

Sheila, says, "really, you see her? Then why are you so mean to me sometimes?" He says, "because I love you"

She says, "really? So you know this is just a tough exterior?" He says, "Yup."

Sheila says in Diary, that when she first met Adam, she hated him and now she has this tremendous love for him. She wants to be standing next to him in the end.

Sheila speaks to Ryan and begs him to it is her, Adam and Ryan in the end.

Sheila tells Adam he is safe and the plan to back door Nat.

Nominations: Adam and Sharon as expected are nominated!

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