Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol - 2008 - Top 8 sing Inspirational Songs

Michael John sings Dream On by Aerosmith. Probably one of my favorite Aerosmith songs. It was a bit rough in the beginning for me but he found it in the chorus. It was plain old Michael good, with no twist. Straight Aerosmith copy. It was ok.

Randy - So, I really believe this is an important weeks. I want to see who can win. It was a good song choice. It had some pitch problems. It was alright.

Paula - (omg what is up with her dress) I think it was a perfect song for you to pick. You sound as good as you look.

Simon - I thought it was a very good performance. I am slightly with Randy on this. I don't like when you do an impersonation of a rock star. I thought it was wannabeish.

Syesha Mercado - Sang I Believe by Fantasia. Really good song and a good choice for her. She sounds great and I think it was probably her best performance for me. I could have done without the ending but it was ok. Fantasia just did something to that song though.

Randy - That is a tiger of a song. She has a special connection that I didn't find with you but it was ok.

Paula - Not many people can take on songs like that. You made it your own. Hands down one of your most shining nights.

Simon - Technically you sang it very well however, it lacked that big wave of emotion. I want to find out who you are all about. You did sing it very well.

Jason Castro sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I just think he has such a good soul. He is so sweet and that just comes across whenever he is on stage. It was sweet and sincere.

Randy - Jason is back. It was the hottest. It was blazing.

Paula - You have the most definitive sound. It was the perfect song. I love that version of the song.

Simon - The first time I heard it, I wasn't sure. Second time, ok. Third time Fantastic.

This is the song that Simon spoke about by Israel.

Kristy Lee Cook sang Anyway by Martina McBride. She looked incredible and did a fantastic job. This was obviously the best song choice for her. Best performance so far.

Randy - There were a couple of pitch moments but really good.

Paula - I think we should leave the pitch moments. Kristy Lee Cook, you out did yourself. Your best so far. It's so easy singing songs that inspire you. Excellent.

Simon - Randy made a point with a choice this broad you can chose who you are as an artist. I thought you were very good indeed. Tonight, you look like a star. I love that. Smart. You are appealing to your audience. Good on you!

David Cook sang Innocent. I do not know this song but he of course did awesome. He is the real deal and has massive talent. Love him.

Randy - Yo baby. Check it out. I am a huge fan. Every week you throw it down. NOt your strongest week. It feel short for me.

Paula - You are so well defind. The whole package. I believe in you.

Simon - I didn't like this performance at all. I thought it was a tinsy weensy bit pompus. I didn't like the white jacket. Anyway near the last two weeks.

Carly Smithson sang The Show Must Go On by Queen. She is super hot and sounded great. I felt like I was watching a Carly concert. She is just flawless, strong and confident. Love her.

Randy - Ok. It started out good. Middle was pitchy at the high parts. It was ok. Disconnected.

Paula - There is something I am going to agree with. Your voice is totally pretty perfect. I didn't feel engaged with you. Your voice was amazing.

Simon - You look good. I thought it was an unusual choice of songs. You over sang it. It was an angry performance. I think again, you have chosen the wrong song.

David Archuleta sang Angels by Robbie Williams. It was just ok for me. It was too slow and soft. Not that it is bad just give me that feeling I get from the original. It is such a beautiful song.

Randy - Check this out. You know what I love about this performance. I love those runs. That was your hottest all season. Love it. Crazy hot.

Paula - That sums it up for me. Fantastic.

Simon - Best song choice so far. The best pop songs. I thought it was a bit nasally. I thought the end was better than the beginning. You are going to sail through to the next round.

Here's the original

Brooke White sang You've Got A Friend. This is a really good choice for Brooke. Before she even started I could hear her singing it. I hated her hair and her dress but she did a great job on the vocals. Was it something that the young kids voting will like? Probably not.

Randy - I liked that. For me, I don't think it was your best. It was ok.

Paula - That song, I grew up to. My sister played it over and over again. I think it was the perfect way to close the evening. I love you.

Simon - It was like a pleasant walk in the park. It was nice. Was it original? No. Was it pleasant? Yes. Thank you.

My bottom three: ( wow this is hard)
Michael John, Brooke White, David Cook (2 of my faves are in this based on tonight's performance)

Best of the night for me: Jason Castro

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