Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Episode 30 - Final 4

I have been MIA. Things have been a bit crazy lately.

Ryan and Adam try to figure out who the other pre-existing relationship in the house is. We know BB meant the Guinea pigs. They are thinking it's Sheila.

Sharon and Sheila discuss Adam giving Natalie a vote.

Ryan feels like Adam is sucking up to him.

We get to see Ryan's HOH room. Loads of pictures of Jen and Ryan. They joked about Sheila being in a picture with one of Ryan's uncles. (She wasn't)

He reads a letter from Jen where she tells him she is his biggest fan and how she watches him on the live feed 24/7. Yada, yada, yada....

Adam is always crying. So strange. I have never seen a man cry so much. It's kind of sweet.

Sheila tells Adam that he has to vote for her. She tells him how much she loves him and how she has his back. She would rather walk out the door then see his game end.

Ryan confronts Adam on the whole Natalie thing. Adam tells Nat, "I voted for you." He tells Ryan that he said, "What do you want me to do?"

The house guests get to play a luxury contest to win a movie viewing called What happens in Vegas.

Sharon annoys me....why does she always have to scream? She rolls her eyes up and goes "woooooooooooo" Yuck! Hate it! I counted 24 times in 42:32 minutes.

In this luxury challenge the winner gets to see the movie and go to a screening after BB complete with a meeting with the stars of the movie. The loser on the other hand will be shackled to their partner for 24 hours.

The house guests get to smash bottles over each others head to find a ring. I love the bottle smashing. Sheila and Adam smashing each other was too funny.

Ryan and Sharon win and Adam and Sheila get to be shackled. Love it.

The house guests come in to find the "mini" table. The final 4!!!

Ryan tells Sheila that he is putting her on the block but don't worry because you are going to be ok.

Sharon asks Ryan if he wants to talk and she tries to convince him that Adam should go on the block because Adam cannot be trusted. "He wants to keep the blood off his hands, that's why he told Nat he voted for her."

Ryan nominated Sheila and Sharon.

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