Monday, March 31, 2008

Amateur Movie Review - The Invisible

The Invisible was just on pay-per-view last month and now it is on cable. What gives? I am so glad we didn't order it for $4.95 last weekend.

Anyway, The Invisible is about a dude who gets beat up by some punk ass bitch and left for dead. He is stuck between the world of the living and the dead and he is running out of time to save himself. He must let someone know where his body is so that he can be saved only no one can hear him except the bitch who kicked the life out of him. Sound stupid? Well, it kinda was.

I had high hopes for the movie because it was from the same producers who gave us Sixth Sense (a great movie).

The acting was all wrong, the script was too long and juvenile and the ski-cap girl, Annie, the killer with the soft heart for her little brother with the killer kick boxing skills was just plain annoying.

I was annoyed by the lead Nick Powell (Justin Chatwin) character played by the same guy who played Tom Cruise's kid in War Of the Worlds. His face scared me at times. His eyes are too blue and his skin too white. There was one point where he is in the water trying to drag his lifeless body out and he looks up to the heavens and shouts "help" to obviously no one because no one can hear him, his face scared me. I was worried I might have nightmares. Aggghh..

More weirdness is when he is hit by a car, then run over by a truck, he gets knocked around as he walks through the crowded school hall, yet no one knows he's there.

Tear factor: I cried during a scene where his mother sobs for her lost son.

Marcia Gay Harden who plays his mom and Callum Keith Rennie a detective are under used. I wonder if the detective character was originally more important to the story.

A technical film problem - when Annie and her loser boyfriend hot wire a Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz cannot be started in any way without the electronic key. It's called DAS, Drive Authorization System and there would have been no way that even her loser mechanic boyfriend could have pulled this one off. I love stuff like this.

Movie Quotes:

Nick Powell: Pete! This isn't the way out! If you die, I die! God, Pete, you're my last hope!

Nick Powell: Mom, I'm dead.

Pete: Don't believe me. He didn't do it. I lied to save my own ass. He was supposed to be on a plane. You killed Nick for nothing.

Nick Powell: I saw your face last night, Annie, and for a minute there I bet you would've traded places with me.

Nick Powell: I know this sounds weird, but you're the only one who can save me. How messed up is that?

Overall Rating From Chotskies: C

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