Sunday, March 2, 2008

Big Brother 9 Spoilers

What is up with Allison and the bed hopping?

Chelsia, Allison and James in bed together - Kissing and talking about sex.

Allison and Chelsia in bed discussing the game

Allison talks to Josh and Sharon

Allison in bed with Josh and Sharon - telling them that if they want to ummm, cough, cough, back door her she is cool with that.

The house guests all in the same bed talking about what else? Sex, penis, lesbians, etc. Chelsia fondles Sheila.

Allison wants to leave the show and sue Josh - He threatened that he would strangle her and slit her throat. - My God I am so sick of Allison. She keeps saying that Josh isn't sane but I am wondering who is really insane here? She is also pissed that Ryan didn't defend her to Josh and also seems a bit bitter that she hasn't been able to steal Ryan from Jen. "I have never not gotten someone that I've wanted."

Allison talking about herself again with Matt and Ryan - Let's Matt know that he is still there because of HER.

Josh and Allison fight - Allison gay bashes after Producers tell him to stay 5 feet away from her.

Josh ripping on Allison to Sharon.

Josh vs. Allison

Josh goes off on Allison

Josh after yelling at Allison gets talked to by the rest of the house guests

Josh is told to stay away from Allison

HOH calls everyone to their room minus Allison and Ryan.

Ryan and Allison talk about their issues

Ryan asks Allison about the Sharon, Josh fight

Ryan goes to James and Chelsia about his fight with Allison - Her lies are catching up with her

Josh and Allison - the end of the fight

Josh retells Allison story to Matt

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