Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Brother Video's

Nat put on the unitard for Adam, Ryan and Matt and Josh. Josh actually looked quite straight here.

Hide and seek with Nat and the boys - I find it hard to feel sorry for her sometimes. I almost forgot they were looking for an adult and not a child here.

The houseguests talk about how Amanda is really a tranny. "A Man Duh" conversation and all the reasons why they believe it.

Sheila and Ryan fight.

James and Chelsia in HOH after POV

James and Chelsia in bed in HOH

Houseguests pull one over on Sheila - tell her that BB called a POV.

Sheila after POV joke

Matt gives Nat a massage.

Matt and Nat the last ones standing during HOH competition.

Natalie and James during HOH competition. They make a deal and she drops to let him win.

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