Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Big Brother - Til Death Do Us Part

Ok...so I joined BB as they started the VETO competition.

Allison thought she had it in the bag. She knows puzzles and she figured it out.

Matt and Natalia played like the troopers they are and pulled the win yet again.

It was so close but Natalia kept her cool and knew how to talk to Matt telling him when to pull her up and when to let her do the puzzle.

Allison and Ryan know they are going home and you can see on her face that she knows she dug her grave.

Matt and Nat were so cute jumping around after the win and she is so excited that he is happy. Poor Nat.

Sheila and Adam feel that they are going up when Matt and Nat come off the block.

Interestly when Matt and Nat won, Chelsia was upset. She knows that they are a strong couple in the house and wants them out.

Matt walked around talking to Ryan and Allison talking to them and telling them to fight.

Matt and Nat winning

Allison sat around crying how Ryan is going down because of her and how Josh hates her and she doesn't even know why. (more crying)

BB Editing showed us Sheila and Adam yelling at each other so that we knew the house guests will chose to put them up.

We saw Matt talking to Josh and asking for Sharon. He heads to the HOH and "charm" her so that later on down the line he takes some of the heat off himself when his job is done and they start looking at him to evict. He tells Sharon how much he isn't attracted to Nat. He doesn't like girls who show their stuff. She's a great girl and she is going to make someone happy just not him.

He hid in the HOH with Sharon when Nat knocked on the door. He held her hand and then layed one on her. Totally making out and thinking that she fell right into his trap. She knows he's trying to play her and will play the card. "Bring it on."

Josh comes up and tells Matt that Nat is stalking him. Searching the house everywhere. She finds him in the room and asks for a massage. He tells her maybe tomorrow.

When he leaves she tells Sharon and Josh that he is so hot for her that is why he stays away. Poor Nat.

Sharon tells Josh how Matt was playing her and trying to "kiss on her." Funny, it didn't look like trying to me. It looked like he DID.

Nat is upset and storms around the house.

Matt tries talking to Nat and tries to set the record straight on his feelings. He apologizes and doesn't want her to take his feelings for her wrong.

Nat gets pissed and shouts for him to listen and stop being macho. She is tired of feeling like scum and him treating her poorly. (Continue arguing in front of the house, James defends her)

Poor Nat is consumed with the Soul Mate BB premise and will be hurt in the end.

Allison tries talking to Josh and talks about how they were friends. Yada, yada...

He is tired of being malipulated and he tells her that she will be leaving. She tells him that he doesn't control the game.

The house guests are informed about a SIREN they could hear at any time and when they do they should all grab and gather in the living room for an announcement.

Nat and Allison talk in the bathroom about the reason for the siren and what it could mean. Allison thinks it could be another Power Couple.

Matt and Natalia take themselves off the block and Josh nominates Sheila and Adam.

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