Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Brother Recap - Bye-Bye Chelsia

Sorry for the very late post on last night BB.

Long story short - Chelsia, who showed her really ugly colors in last nights episode, was sent packing.

Loved the montage of Chelsia watching Natalie. "Old-Timers" instead of Alzheimer's was funny and annoying and one could see how it could be annoying after a while. Imagine spending DAAAAYYYYYS with the SAME people day in and day out.

Nat is coloring Easter Eggs, really enjoying herself.

Chelsia wanting to go "out with a bang" and starts throwing and smashing some of Nat's eggs. Totally unprovoked, and seeming a bit manic. It was odd and uncomfortable and if I was a houseguest I would have totally backed out of the room. What the hell.

She laughs and tells Nat to "come on, have some fun!" Because I guess smashing just colored Easter Eggs all over the kitchen is some sort of fun. Maybe if I had asymmetrical hair and a pierced face I would get it, but I don't and I don't. Huh?

Nat, keeping her cool, finishes her wine and leaves the room.

James asks her if she wants to go to sleep because he knows she is being ridiculous and doesn't want to go down with her.

She continues to smash eggs and starts shouting out ridiculous comments like "what are you going to do? Evict me? Evict me? I was thinking about this time that BB should have sent in Dr. Drew from MTV to talk her down or something.

She is sitting at the table saying she is going to "do a puzzle" when she states that "she is not the artist of the group, Natalie is" then precedes to yell "Natalie help me. You white trash."

The whole time Nat is painting her toenails and saying things out loud to herself like, "she hates me because I am her biggest threat and she does this to make herself feel better."

Everyone unanimously vote to evict Chelsia who has loads to say in Josh and James ear on her way out the door. She also tells Adam to "get a backbone he's been playing the game like a baby, Sheila, you have been ridden hard and put away wet and Natalie, educate yourself."

I say good riddance.

The next HOH has the house guests wearing ummm....latex, S&M gloves, one white and one red along with white goggles. They are going to answer questions and advance in the game if they are correct. No one can see who is ahead because of the goggles and we get to see Nat moving ahead of the pack.

Julie tells us there is a new HOH and congratulations Natalie.

Nat is shocked, screams, jumps up and down. We hear Sheila or Sharon telling her "see, it's your time. You get to see your family." Ryan walks over and she throws herself into his arms and wraps her legs around him.

It should be an interesting week.

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