Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Brother Recap

I don't know about the rest of you but Sunday's episode was a bit boring. I liked them playing as couples and would have liked BB to keep it going a little longer. Having one person without a partner would have been interesting. Would they have been a sitting duck or would they have formed an alliance with a couple. I guess we'll never know. Thanks Big Brother!

Sheila crying to Adam was interesting and pathetic.

The guys alliance was predictable.

Nat thinking that Matt loves her but is "doing the opposite" cracks me up. How old is this chick?

How many people smoke in this house? It's so gross and unappealing. You would think young people would be more aware of the long term dangers but well, anyway, I digress.

I loved the whole James, Chelsia thing. I thought it was adorable how James reacted to Chelsia giggling with Matt in the other room. Editing I'm sure but cute anyway. I am not sure why she says she feel weird around him now that they are separated. They were in a Big Brother induced relationship and also separated by BB, so what's the stitch?

Anyway, I loved him telling her that they could win this together and her telling him that if she can't win she wants him to win. I hope these are true words and not strategy but I'm a romantic at heart so what do I know?

Another interesting editing tidbit was Nat reading her bible and translating it in the house. Her "oh snap" comment cracked me up. She has it all figured out doesn't she?

Ryan and Matt up in the HOH room discussing the game and James walking in as they talk about putting Sharon up. Ryan suggests Sheila and Sharon in hopes that Sharon will be the one to go but then they worry about the aftermath of someone winning POV and coming after them.

James throws Chelsia's name out and everyone perks up. That could be interesting.

Ryan does in fact put up Chelsia and Sharon. His speech is good and makes them both feel comfortable with why they were chosen. Sharon thrusts her claws out in Diary and says this makes her feel good because she knows that the house feels she is strong and this just makes her stronger, yada, yada.

At this point I should have a personal favorite of who should win but I don't. I flip flop like a presidential candidate changing every week.

Right now based on this episode, I say my top 2 are Ryan and James.

Ryan because I actually like him. He seems very calm and is trying to play the game without too much drama. James is smart, reacted quickly to Amanda's emergency and had a loving moment with Chelsia.

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