Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Episode 16

So Sheila and Ryan are on the block.

Matt tells Natalie that there should be more people in the world like her. Is he finally realizing that having someone obsessed with you can be more than just an obsession?She tells him that he fails to see that it is only natural for her to protect him.

Ryan and Josh sound as if they have an alliance but Josh isn't concerned of Ryan leaving the house.

Sheila and Ryan discuss being nominated. Sheila says they need a miracle.

Matt, Adam and Ryan have become the Bible buddies. I think it is cute that these guys discuss the bible at great length bringing it all back to Indiana Jones. The holy grail, the ark, etc. Matt asks if he wants to go find it if they win Big Brother. Baller or Adam says they will never find it because they "would need crazy tools and stuff."

Sheila apologizes to Adam for being a bitch at the beginning of the game. She obviously wants his vote.

Someone notices that there are blocks in the hamster cage spelling out POV. Nat tells Sheila to study the hamster cage. Sheila worries (and she is right) that she may not have the votes she thinks she has. She heads to her room to cry alone in her bed.

Nat heads outside to James, Josh, Sharon, Adam and Chelsia and they tell her how proud they are of her. She tells them about Sheila being upset about being on the block and how she said if Nat or one of them win POV and don't take her off she is going to be very upset.

The houseguests minus Sheila are hanging out discussing POV and together decide to pull one over on Sheila by telling her that they have to do the POV now. They all huddle together and run into Sheila's room yelling, "Sheila POV right now" waking her from sleep.Everyone acts very energetic with a lot of jumping around "oh my Gods" and whatnot. They run through the house, outside and sit waiting for Sheila.Sheila half dressed walks calmly to the sliders with the house guests shouting "let's go, let's go Sheila."James comes down from HOH and everyone asks what is going on now.James unable to keep a straight face says, "they said to wait for further instructions."

Sheila tells them they are "all full of shit".Everyone laughs and she heads inside smiling but is she happy?

POV name pulling transpires and James as HOH pulls Matt, Sheila pulls Chelsia and Ryan pulls Josh and since they have a "secret alliance" Ryan feels very safe.

Natalia really wants to play and James chooses her as the host.

The players have to transfer blocks over a balance beam to their container without dropping a block or falling. The fastest player wins POV.

Matt is the first one out right off the bat. As Josh said, "He's a roofer, you would think he had better balance." I agree.

Ryan was the second to fall off.

Sheila who was so worried about falling off was the next out for dropping a block.

Chelsia was the next one to fall.

James won POV by being the first to move all 500 blocks and close the tube with the POV.How exciting for him to be eliminated, be voted back in, win HOH, nominate and then win POV.

Sheila goes to Sharon, Matt and Nat tooting her horn and telling them what she has done for each of them. Nat tells her that this is a hard decision for her and Sheila is livid taking about how much she did to keep Nat and Matt in the house.

Sheila heads to Adam and asks if the decision for him is as hard as for Nat. He tells her that there is no decision to be made yet.

We see James playing pool with Matt and Adam. He tells us that he is uncomfortable being with them because he knows one of them is lying to his face. We all know that it is Matt.

Editing tells me that Sheila is about to tell James exactly what he wants to know.

Sheila who has just told Adam what a great person he is now flip flops and makes fun of him, his game and his dick.

James goes to Adam and motions for him to follow him. They head to HOH and James tells him that someone is throwing him under the bus with the voting situation.

Adam guesses who and he tells James that he voted him in. James is not convinced that Adam was the one who voted him back because of how abrasive and loud Adam seemed.

James runs into Josh and tells him that he is using the Veto. Josh asks who and James tells him that he will tell him later on.

James asks Chelsia to join him outside and tells her that he is putting Adam up. As a spectatur priviledge to see what is going on I actually feel very bad for B-B-Baller.

Chelsia tells James to think about what is right for him. He tells her he wants to talk to Sharon because he needs her vote to backdoor Adam.

Sharon heads up to James (I loved how Chelsia and Sharon played the game in order for Sharon to got to HOH without anyone thinking it was to talk to James) and he tells her that he is going to shake things up. She tells him that Matt was the third vote and you can see just how shocked he is. He was so certain it was Adam.James is livid and tells Sharon he is taking Sheila down and throwing up Matt. He likes the idea of Matt and Ryan sitting on the block together. But....didn't he tell Nat that she could take the fall at the last HOH competition and he would protect her and Matt this week?

James tells us in Diary "I made a promise to Nat to not put Matt up this week, but he's been lying to me so SCREW Em" Love it! Yeah James.

James calls the Veto ceremony (why does he wear those purple pants and mandoles? I hate it.)After Ryan and Sheila's speech, James tells them that he has decided to use the POV on Sheila. She is overcome and cries into her hands.James tells Ryan why he is there (you nominated me, I am returning the favor) and the he puts Matt on the block. He address Nat and tells her that when she asked for protection for Matt, he realized that she was not playing as two but as one and he had to break that up for the house.

Ryan feels better about being next to Matt on the block because he knows the house wants him out. Matt crying in Diary says he is at a lose for words and mostly makes fun of James' appearance. Sheila is shocked that she is off the block and Nat is pissed!

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