Monday, March 24, 2008

Big Brother 9 Till Death Do Us Part - Episode 18

We see the recap of Adam winning the HOH from last week.

Nat comes in and Adam is packing. "Why to friggin go Baller." I don't even remember why this is his nickname.

Next up is Sheila who hugs him and says "be my hero." What is that? All of a sudden she is going to kiss his ass after trying to throw him under a bus recently.

Nat tells Chelsia that everyone knows the house is divided and she already knows what is going to happen, "one of you guys is going home."

Nat and Ryan talk about the numbers and how the new Natty is here. Ryan is seems to be going along with the ride but he seems about fed up with everyone and just will kiss whosever's ass he has to.

Nat says she has Adam's HOH figured out and they are going to start taking people out. Why is Nat playing Adam's HOH? Why would he let her?

I loved Joshuahs face when Sharon was talking to her "babies" the friggin guinea pigs. Too funny. That would absolutely drive me crazy. I love that BB is finally showing us that she isn't obsolete to ridiculousness like the rest of the weirdos in here.

Adam shows off his HOH room and boink (BB sound effect), "what is all this baby food" Natalie asks?

He seems to have wished that everyone would just ignore it. I mean seriously, there was a ton of baby. The refrigerator was stocked with it. He says if it was his mother, he needs to talk to her because "she didn't do a good job at all." He likes baby food but not a lot of it.

Nat hopes that he will share some with her "because it is really yummy and it's good for you".

Truth be told, I love me some baby food and I sometimes even use a tiny little demitasse spoon but that was long before kids. Now the thought of it just grosses me out. I do use the mixed vegetables, spinach, sweet potato and others in my cakes, sauces and cookies but that is to make sure the kids are eating some veggies. Oh crap...enough about me....that is what my other blog is for.

Sheila starts questioning the house guests to see what they know about nominations. Josh tells her that she and he are going up. He loved it. She was really upset and then her stomach hurt. Hahahah...

He went to Adam to ask to be his bitch. "Please don't put me up".

Sheila talks to Adam and talks about how shocked she is that he would put her up. "Now you are going to do this for me?" The interesting thing here is that he didn't say he was putting her up but she kept on and I think she may have just gotten herself nominated.

The houseguests get to compete for a luxury gift, a movie screening of 21. Everyone is excited and they head outside to play 21. Adam is the dealer and Ryan wins the game.

Ryan gets to pick 3 others to see the movie with him. He picks Adam, Natalie and James. They are excited and everyone else especially Sheila bummed that he didn't pick her. I was actually a little surprised that he didn't pick Josh because don't they have a shhhh secret alliance?

Then...Adam asks if he is a gambling man. He is. He will play 1 hand of blackjack and if he wins he gets a prize package valued over $21,000 VIP trip for 2 to Las Vegas and $5,000 in chips on top of the screening. If he loses, he doesn't get the trip and the houseguests he didn't chose get to see the screening.

He loses! Sheila, Sharon, Josh and Chelsia jump up and down as they take in the fact that they will be seeing the screening.

Nat is reading her bible and praying. She asks that God open her "eyes to see new clues on what the game might be about. Please make them vivid and bright" so that she can see it. Just then she notices the pink curtains in the bedroom. There are 8. She goes to Sheila and tells her and together they discuss the 8 clues that Nat has found so far. There are 8 ducks and rocks behind the couch and 8 vases, 8 pillows, 8 trees in the bathroom, 8 pictures in the salon, and 8 sayings.

I loved when she left to leave saying she was going to "go study" and "go count stuff" and walked away. Sheila who was on an elliptical was like "ah, oh, alright".

Nat is sitting in the living room looking at the deer on the wall. The camera shots to her and then to the deer and back. The music from BB is so funny. Then Nat quietly says, "OK" as if she was talking to someone. Weird and creepy. Is that BB editing or did she hear a message from a higher power? We will never know.

The table downsizes. I love this every season. When the houseguests come in and see just how many people have come and gone and they reflect on how fast the games is going and how far they have come.

Interestingly enough as crazy as Nat seems she says that perhaps the next 8 is for Evel Dick who has 8 letters which she kindly shows us on her hands in case we can't. Weird, Julie told us last week that Dick was coming back.

Adam and Nat are playing pool and talking and he tells her that he doesn't know what to do and she tells him to put up James and Chelsia. He tells her he wants to put up Sheila "because she is tough."

Nat tells him in so many words that's a bone move and that he can beat Sheila.

Adam puts James and Chelsia. Nat tells us that she is no longer nice Natty she is now naughty, nasty Natalia.

Uh huh!

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