Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big Brother Till Death Do Us Part - Show 11

It took me 8 hours to get through this episode. My kids needed me a lot today and the CBS site kept buffering.

Oh No!!!

A shocking surprise? Why is BB keeping the evicted couple in the house? Whhhhhyyyyyyy????

Sheila tells us that she doesn't like the feeling of being up on the block because she came here to play this game. Well Sheila, who likes it and who hasn't come there to play the damn game???

Matt tells Diary that he is not sure who he is voting for but that he will be owed a favor next week.

The house guests sit around whispering about the siren that BB told them to expect at any time. Some think that it means some evicted guests might come back and others think that it means immunity to guests on the block.

Matt and Ryan talk and Matt promises his vote to him but Matt is playing both sides.

Allison walks over to Chelsia and James who tells her that he is making no promises to anyone. Got to respect that when he think how Matt has told all the nominated individually, that they have his vote.

Sheila tells James that Matt is voting for Allison and Ryan, James figures that Matt is telling both couples that he is voting for them so he heads outside to call a meeting with the guys (Matt, Ryan and Adam).

James calls Matt out in front of both Adam and Ryan. He tells Matt that he doesn't care how he votes but he does care how he goes about telling people. Matt says that he has no idea yet how he is voting. James asks both Adam and Ryan if Matt has told them that he has their back and they both say yes.

James says, "You are playing both couples man!"

Matt answers, "That's big brother, is it not?"

Honestly, I kind of agree with both guys.

Matt goes all Boston on him (whatever that means) getting up from his seat and asking if James is going to start throwing people under the bus and all cursing.

Julie informs us that when the evicted house guests reach the door, the alarm will go off all guests will return to the living room and the game changes. Instead of couples, the are now playing as individuals and only 1 person of the evicted couple will be leaving.

Ryan and Allison are told they are evicted. They say there good-byes and head to the door. We already know from Julie that the door is locked so it was funny to watch Allison work really hard to open that door.

The alarms goes off and everyone either screams, jumps, yells or runs. Allison is beyond happy.

Julie informs the house guests that they are no longer couples and everyone is thrilled. Everyone is hugging and jumping except for Josh and Sharon the current HOH's. Julie informs everyone that it is totally up to them if they chose to stay married and share a bed but their current partner is now their competition and then lets Ryan and Allison know that only one of them will be leaving tonight.

I love the look on their face as they hear this. Allison's face looks like it hurts from smiling and slowly she comes off her high.

We come back from break and Julie asks Ryan and Allison to make their statement to the guests and Allison's smile has turned upside down. God, I really can't stomach this girl.

Ryan's speech was mostly about being on the block every week and enjoying his time in the house and wants another week to be on the block.

Allison stands red faced and crying and talks about how it is really hard to say something against someone she has grown to love and respect. She really wants to be there. She has a lot more she wants to do there.

Live voting begins with Adam who votes to evict Allison.

Chelsia votes to evict Allison.

Matt votes to evict Allison.

Sheila votes to evict Allison.

It is official, Allison will be evicted.

Nat votes to evict Allison.

James votes to evict Allison.

Allison is told she is evicted and she leaves without a lot of hoopla since they had already done it before. She isn't even out and everyone is already chatting.

Sharon hasn't dropped her hands from her face or her throat for the past 30 minutes.

So the HOH competition will be played for the opportunity to win as an individual. Josh and Sharon had to sit out but I think they should have been allowed to participate since the game had changed.

In the end it was between Ryan and Adam with the "evicted" house guest Ryan winning.


Then Julie tells us WE will be able to take the game to a whole new level where WE the viewers get to chose from the evicted House Guests Parker, Jen, Amanda, Jacob, Alex and Allison who will come back to the house. I vote for Parker or Jacob.

Video from after the live show

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