Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol - Top 10

Tonight Idol is doing songs from the year the contestants were born.

The kiddies needed to be held tonight so I was unable to type the judges comments on the first 2 contestants.

Ramiele - Alone - I was very eager to hear her attempt a Heart song. She suffered a little vocally on the high parts but then we hear that she is fighting a cold or her voice went "bye-bye"

Jason Castro - Fragile - It was good for me but I love Jason. I love his easy nature and his sexy eyes. The Spanish thing was good too.

Syesha Mercado - If I were your women - It was good. I like Syesha but she is just flying under the radar for me.

Randy - Loved it.

Paula - This is the one that everyone will remember

Simon - The best so far. I don't think the end was as good as Randy thought.

Chikeze - If Only For One Night - He did ok. I think Chikeze can sing but I don't think he can win. I like Chikeze he has an adorable, likable personality but can he shine brighter than some others? I don't know.

Randy - This was old school. I didn't love it. It wasn't hip and cool. There was no energy.

Paula - You are a throw back. A good throw back. I think you did a great job with the textures of your vocals.

Simon - I think you sang it well. I thought the performance was cheesy. I miss your personality.

Brooke White - Every Breath You Take - I would go see Brooke sing. I really think she is good. She is pure, unique and talented. I don't know that she can WIN this competition because while I dig her there are stronger singers. After saying that, I think she has mega talent.

Randy - Great song. I thought the front part was good. When you got to the bridge I didn't like the arrangement. I was alright.

Paula - I enjoyed this so much more than last week. You are unique and have your own niche. One note I know it's Brooke.

Simon - I totally agree with Randy. If you had stayed without the band, just you on piano it was very old fashion. Good enough to keep you in another week. The first half, even with the mistake it was fantastic.

Michael Johns - We Are the Champions - Loved his personal video wearing a skully cap he looked Hoooootttttttt! I tried not to watch him perform so as not to be swayed by his looks. Even without looking he sounds awesome so there! I thought he did really well but that is just me. It seemed like we were watching someone perform at the Grammys not watching a talent contest. Good sign: Paula is standing.

Randy - Check it out. Finally you believe in yourself. You used that big old voice. That is the best performance for me since you have been on this show.

Paula - This was your shining moment. I am so proud of you.

Simon - This is the first time with you that I saw Star Potential. Tonight you just got it right. You looked like a front person. It was the only memorable performance of the night so far.

Carly Smithson - Total Eclipse of the Heart - I can't wait to hear her sing this. I love Carly's big curly, blonde fro in her baby pictures. Love it! Ahhh Carly gave me chills. I love this song. I want her to just belt it out. There were a few times that I thought she held off a bit on the vocals. I wanted louder and stronger but it was still good.

Randy - Yo. Yo. Interesting song choice. I didn't love it, I liked it. I was just ok. The run at the end wasn't in tune.

Paula - I so admire that you can take any song and make me a believer. The end showed me that you can go and stretch yourself.

Simon - Something didn't work. You were so tense and almost uptight. I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I think you have to lighten up.

David Archuleta - You're the Voice - I don't even know this song. It was ok but it sounded like a was at a high school talent night. It really was just ok. Maybe it was because I don't know it but I will forget this performance before the next hour.

Randy - It was a strange song choice but you can sing or whatever. It was very nice.

Paula - I think all of us were trying to figure out the song. You could sing the phone book.

Simon - I actually didn't like it at all. It was reminiscent of a theme park performance. It was one of those ghastly songs when you have animated creatures and everyone joins in together. I would be amazed if you chose the song yourself because it is not you.

Kristy Lee Cook - God Bless the U.S.A. - This is a song that I absolutely love but only by Lee Greenwood. Maybe Kristy will do well who knows. I love the new longer extensions and I thought she did a good job with this song. I just wish she had a stronger voice. I would love to hear more power.

Randy - Great song choice. Some pitch problems but a very nice performance. Good choice.

Paula - Good choice. Your voice was much stronger. You're growing.

Simon - Your best performance by a mile. That was the most clever song choice that I have heard in years. I thought it was a good performance and that is going to keep you in the competition.

David Cook - Billie Jean - I am excited to hear this. It was like the version Nickelback would do if they sang Billie Jean. Ummm...I love David Cook and I am not sure if I love this version. It may be a little self indulgent for Simon but as he moves into the middle of the song I am actually loving it. Wow, this could play on the radio now and kids would love it. Can you change a song any more than he has this one? If you didn't know the words to Billie Jean you would never guess this was it.

Randy - Check it out. I think you are the most original, bold we have ever had. You might be the one to win the whole lot.

Paula - I can't sit down because I have to tell you how bold you are. I think you are brilliant.

Simon - That was great. It could have been insane or amazing. I have to tell you that was amazing.

The Best for Me Tonight - Michael John
Bottom 3 - Jason, Chikeze, Carly
Honorable Mention - David Cook
Going Home Pick - Chikeze

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