Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Brother 9 Recap

We begin with Chelsia leaving and then Nat winning HOH.

I also love BB's editing. The whole Natalie playing Hide and Seek with the boys happened when Matt was in the house so why show it now? To make her seem odder?

Josh is beside himself that he lost HOH to Natalie who he feels is a blubbering idiot. Oh well, she kicked your ass buddy, get over it.

Nat is very excited that America thought she would give an inspirational speech.

Natalie, Adam and Ryan discuss the whole coming of Christ thing. Basically they rehash how all signs (in Nat's eyes) pointed to her winning. Something like, she was wearing the coordinating colors of the HOH competition, her birthday is on election day, week 7, question 7, etc, etc, etc.

Josh and James discuss how Nat's number thing is crazy and it changes all the time. Last week she was obsessing on the number 8 and now it is 7.

James goes to HOH to discuss with Nat a possible alliance. He tells her that they have to call "final 2" and they both say it. Na, na, na, na, na...I love the whole calling and pinky swears on this show over the last 9 seasons. If I was in the BB house would I regress to my elementray school yard ways? Umm.

As for the food competition, everyone is on slop except Adam and Nat as HOH.

James moops around as he missing Chelsia, Nat pines for Matt as she stares at his picture on the wall with a glass of red wine in her hand. The houseguests chuckle about this in the backyard. Sharon asks if they think Matt liked her and they all say No.

James is missing Chelsia and Nat is missing Matt, I think a silent alliance with the two of them could actually bring them to the final 2.

Natalie nominates James and Josh and the spoiler is......

James wins POV so I wonder who Nat will put up. Sharon? Ryan? Sheila? Ummmmm....

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