Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big Brother Till Death Do Us Part - 13

Ryan - tells us how he feels close to Adam and Matt and how he struck a deal with Josh.

Sharon talks to Sheila about how the guys are sticking together or as she said, "penis's stick together."

Josh tells us it's a win win for him because he can bond with the guys and the girls trust him.

Josh talks to Ryan in HOH and tells him that he wants to trust Ryan. He tells him that he will tell him everything that the girls say because he fears Ryan and Matt might go after him.

James tells Chelsia that he has her back. She tells him that he has her back and she will not go home.

Matt disrespects Natalia in front of the house for the 500th time and she walks out saying she hates being around negativity. Ryan tells him that he feels bad for her.

Natalia goes to the girls and tells them how Matt treated her and they talk about how he has to go home. I agree. I would hate to see him win.

Josh goes to the girls with James and tells them that they should all go to Ryan and push to have Matt booted from the house. If he were to do this they would promise Ryan two weeks of safety. Now, why would Ryan do this? The girls say Ryan would never go for this. They tell Nat that this conversation better not leave the circle and she says "it won't."

Afterwards we see Matt hugging Nat in the bathroom asking if she is still mad at him? What is up with his sweat pants always being cuffed? It makes me crazy. He promises her that he will be nicer to her and that sometimes they have the act the "part" of being mad at each other. Huh?

Her face changes (he is playing her like a friggin fiddle) and she softens. She tells him that she knows some things that some people are trying to do.

He asks her what is being said and she spills everything including names over a "pinky swear." How old are these people again?

She tells him not to tell anyone and he says, "I'm only telling him."

Matt asks in Diary, "why would you ever tell the girl who was obsessed with me that you want me out of this house? That was a bad move!"

Matt scurries to Ryan and tells him everything he heard from Nat. Ryan says, this is great and Nat will be their source of info.

Josh goes to Ryan and offers up the deal that he already knows about. He let's Ryan talk and then tells him that he already knew about this. When Josh asks from who, Ryan says, "who do you think?" Josh knows it's Natalie.

Josh goes to the girls and tells them that Natalie told them everything.

Sheila is pissed, "she is blinded by him."

Ryan thinks possibly he should backdoor Matt.

POV is underway and they competitors pick names out of a bag. Ryan picks Adam to play the Veto. Chelsia picks Sheila and Sharon picks Josh.

Josh, Sheila, James, Chelsia, all shake hands with Ryan to give him two weeks safety if they back door Matt.

POV starts and they have to play a BB Pool game.

Sheila was eliminated in Round 1. She picked the #1 ball and got the VETO.

Sharon was eliminated next and she won a brand new motorcycle. Sharon chooses to trade with Sharon and takes the power of Veto from her.

Josh was the next person eliminated. His prize was a letter from home which he was very happy with.

Adam was eliminated next and won $10,000. He traded with Sheila and took the motorcycle. He says in Diary that she is a single mother and knows she can use the money. Sheila says she is looking at Adam differently because he did not have to do that.

Ryan wins the game and Chelsia goes over to collect her prize. She gets a slop pass and trades it in for the POV held by Sharon.

Ryan gets the last prize which turns out to be the unatard. Gross! I wonder if he will trade it in for the POV. He does, he trades with Sheila who was just $10,000 richer and gives her the unatard. She was devastated but he wasn't even thinking of why Adam had given it to her so I will not hold this against him.

Matt is very certain that Ryan will not be back dooring him, "there is as much chance as my mutha going up in the yad in a hot air balloon."

Chelsia, James, Josh and Sharon are in the pantry and Ryan walks in. Sharon tells him that she gives him 2 weeks and they all say again 2 weeks. She tells Ryan about Matt gunning for him from the beginning and how much she wants to be there. He tells her that she doesn't even have to tell him all that.

Sheila puts on the Unatard and struts her stuff. "Guys don't be jealous that I look hot, you know you want to get up on this." I think she took it very well.

Sharon commends Adam on giving Sheila the 10 grand and Sheila says that says a lot about his character.

Chelsia says something about not being selfish and that she shouldn't use the "single mom" card because people won't like that. Oooo...Sheila was pissed and I loved her saying that she would wash Chelsia's mouth out with soap.

Sheila goes to Adam telling him that the house is going to go after them. Then to Nat about the Chelsia conversation. She tells Nat that Ryan is going to backdoor Matt and that the house is using him to back door Matt.

She asks Ryan to talk with her and then tells him that the house is using him and that Matt and Adam are the only one's who will protect him and she doesn't want him to back door Matt.

I don't get it. Chelsia says something to Sheila that doesn't sit right with her and she is changing everything.

Chelsia holds the veto meeting and of course pulls herself off the block.

Ryan stands up to nominate again his next elimination. He puts up *gasp* James.

Matt is hysterical and full of himself telling the houseguests, "it's on" or whatever.

Ryan tells us in Diary that he is no body's bitch.

Sheila says she knows she is the mastermind and thinks James needs to go so that Chelsia "losses her little friend."

James feels played.

I actually was thinking that James was who I wanted to win this thing because I really don't care for any of the houseguests.

Josh is bitter, Adam is flying under the radar, Ryan is with Jen who I couldn't stand, Matt is a conceited asshole, Natalia needs therapy not money, Chelsia is a twit, Sheila is also bitter, and well I guess there is always Sharon. I guess I like Sharon. Ok, Sharon to win.

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