Saturday, March 22, 2008

Big Brother 9 Spoiler

So if you read the spoilers on my last post you know that James and Chelsia are on the chopping block.

Rumor on the feeds is that James won POV. It appears that Evil Dick from last season was the host.

Sheila, Adam and Chelsia talk about Evil Dick

Ryan's Grandfather passed away here is the video of him reading the letter to Sheila

James is going to take himself off the block and Sharon tells Adam to put her up and she is sure that Chelsia will leave.

Chelsia and Nat have a major blow out. Chelsia attacks Nat about abortion and her religion. (I am choosing to keep my personal opinion on this whole thing and just posting for the sake of my blog and those whose chose to read - if you are easily insulted do not watch this video)

Chelsia and nat draw their claws

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