Thursday, March 6, 2008

American Idol Top 8 Girls Sing the 80's

To all readers who come here for AI updates, sorry I didn't post sooner.

So, I watched AI but my kids were awake so it was impossible to blog as it was on. So I headed over to so that I could post my AI recap.

Asia’h Epperson sang “I Wanna Dance With Somebody." For me it was ok. It is impossible for almost anyone to sound great singing a Whitney song except for Whitney. Back in the day, Whitney was THE SHIT! Everyone loved Whitney and if she had not met Bobbie Brown she could have had Beyonce's career but she fucked up and where was I? Oh yeah...back to Asia'h, she was ok. I like her when she isn't rocking her long wig. I like her with her cute curls. Something about her changes when she goes long. She isn't as likable. The one thing for me in Asiah's favor is that..her voice is recognizable. I could pick her voice out of any of the other girls.

Kady Malloy sang Queen's "I Want to Live Forever." Like Simon, I like Kady through her interviews but I don't think she did well. As Randy said, she hit those great, big notes but it didn't work. I think her time is up.

Amanda Overmyer sang “Hate Myself For Loving You” which was absolutely perfect for her. I like Amanda's voice but I hate to watch her perform. She looks so uncomfortable to me. Her performance seems forced and fake. The judges loved it!! In fact Simon told her that this was the best performance on the show because it was so real or something like that. See it here.

Carly Smithson sang “I Drove All Night" God damn I love this song. Carly is by far impressive. She can sing like a pro which as we are hearing she pretty much is. I love listening to her and really dig her sleeve tat but what the hell is it? Amy Winehouse on her arm???

Kristy Lee Cook sang “Faithfully” by Journey. I love anything Journey and I thought she was just ok. I was totally distracted by her very red tongue. We could lose her too.

Ramiele Malubay sang “Against All Odds” she is adorable with her tiny, little self. It was ok, very sweet and soft. Not her best for me but what do I know? Video here.

Brooke White sang “Love Is A Battlefield.” Wow! Great job. I love the way she changed the song to fit her and so did the judges. It was like Jewel singing Pat Benatar without the yodelling. Sex and beautiful with just a guitar accompaniment. See the video here.

Syesha Mercado sang “Saving All My Love For You” I really want to like her because I like her groove didn't work for me. It was weak and pitchy. Poor Syesha. She does try.

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