Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol Top 12

The set is new, the band is up above the stage, lights galore, mosh pit near the judges. Yada, Yada, Yada...

Top 12 walk out together to much fanfare, I really could care less about any of this I just want them to start singing.

The theme this week is the Beatles or more importantly McCarthy and Lennon.

Syesha Mercado sang "Got To Get You Into My Life" which started out horribly. I hated it. She jazzed it up with horns and whatnot. She looked cute in her skinny pants. She's cute and she started to find her way midway through. Let's see what the judges think.

Randy - Yo! Nice arrangement, sort of Earth, Wind and Fire. You started getting into it. A little pitchy. It was alright.

Paula - You know you are a good singer. It started off pitchy. Mid way through you found it. You look fantastic.

Simon - I thought it was better than alright. I thought it was a great choice of song. I think you looked very, very nervous. Much better than last week.

Chikezie - Sang "She's A Women" which I don't think I know. The arrangement was interesting with it's Blue Grass beginning. I loved it. He can sing and I think he showed a little bit of diversity here. I know Simon is going to think it was very manic with the dancing and arm swinging. He never did like Taylor Hicks did he? I am hoping for the best.

Randy - I was entertained. Who know? First, I loved the arrangement. Chikezie smashed it.

Paula - This is exactly, when Ryan asked me, those who take the risk..you turned it into a rock vibe. I have been waiting for this. The reward paid off my dear.

Simon - I'm really surprised that I actually agree with these two. What I loved about it other than the fact you looked drunk. You have changed within a week. You took control of the stage. I thought it was terrific.

Ahhhh Ryan telling Chik to work it was a bit much. If anyone is drunk tonight, it might be Ryan.

Ramiele Malubay sang "In My Life" which is a beautiful song. I love her sweet little voice. I wish she had sang a little louder because I had the volume down for the kids who were asleep and I couldn't hear a thing. I digress, what I did hear was a bit boring but at least she was on key. No need to over do it but damn... she did at the end and it didn't work. She lost pitch.

Randy - It was kinda pretty but it was pretty boring. It sounded like you were going to do something interesting but you didn't.

Paula - You look lovely. It was pretty safe. You are an amazing singer and your voice allows you to go many places. You are holding back.

Simon - I was bored to tears through out the entire song. It was dreary. It did nothing for you. Forgettable, boring and I expect a lot better from you because you are better than that.

Jason Castro sang "If I Fell" He is so cute to me. I have to not watch while he sings so that I can really hear the song. It was good. He has a falsetto that worked for the song. I liked it. Sort of beachy sound. I hope the judges liked it.

Randy - I liked it, I didn't love it. It is one of my favorite songs. I like you going into the false but it changed the melody..

Paula - I disagree with Randy. What is so special and unique I feel your heart. There is a special connection that makes you unique.

Simon - Jason last week you were incredible. It was a bit bedroom at midnight. I thought the song was boring. Very unique, very different. Big, big fan of Jason's.

Carly Smithson sang "Come Together" so what the hell is Amanda going to sing? I just like Carly, I thought it was good. She can sing anything. She is sexy and sounds awesome.

Randy - You know what I loved. You were strong, you were confident. You were amazing. Stellar performance.

Paula - I felt like I was already watching a star. I couldn't wait until you got into the top 12 so you can show who you are.

Simon - Week after week you have chosen the wrongh song util now. That was great. I got to tell you. I have to say something. This reminds me, Kelly Clarkson.

David Cook sings "Eleanor Rigby" I am really starting to LOVE David. I like his sound although I always feel like he is very rehearsed with his moves and his looks. He can sing and it blew me away. Powerful performance I am downloading it tomorrow. He rocked. They got to use all their new lights with this song too.

Randy - You can rock out. You can rock. You had a little problem in the beginning. You got this. Do it.

Paula - You are the dark horse. You are fantastic. I love seeing you just as a front man on this stage.

Simon - I thought it was brilliant. Two weeks now, if this show were a talent competition you could win.

Brooke White sang "Let It Be" which I think will be a great song for her. Brooke played Piano and looked stunning. She was good although I am still thinking of David's performance. I was a little bored but then again...David's performance...ok...anyway...where was I? She's likable and can pick the right songs to showcase herself.

Randy - I don't know if it was your strongest performance. I love that you take this big song and you give a very heart felt performance.

Paula - This is your niche Brooke. It is picking songs where you can have an emotional connection.

Simon - I thought it was again one of the best performances of the night. I thought it was a brilliant choice of song. It's believable. Great!

David Hernandez sang "I Saw Her Standing There" and he did it Rock N Roll Style. He worked the stage and well I am not sure that he did a great job with this song. It didn't really showcase his voice. I was a bit bored and can't wait until the next performance. Playing Webkinz now...waiting for him to finish.

Randy - You got a big voice. On a song like this that is simple. You were trying to do too much. You were lost.

Paula - David, you know I love your voice. I feel like you kind of over did it (didn't Randy just say that?)

Simon - No, no, no. corny verging on desperate. All a little bit rabbit in the head lights. It wasn't really cool. I didn't think it was a strong performance.

Amanda Overmeyer sang "You Can't Do That" which Amanda and I have never heard before. Ok, what is not to love about Amanda? She has a distinctive voice and she has a unique look. She stands out and she can bring it! I really want to hear her sing Stevie Nicks and try to do a nice, soft song with that rough voice. I hope she does some Gretchen Wilson if they do Country week this season.

Randy - I am telling you. That is the true mark of a great song. You brought the Beatles to a Southern bar and worked it. Very cool. Very cool.

Paula - You are smiling, you are having fun, you look fantastic. I am blown away.

Simon - I didn't think it was as good as last week. I understood about 30% of what you sang. It was a little shouty. Shut up Paula! I think it is a good thing that you are in this competition because you are a breath of fresh air but it was not as good as last week.

Michael Johns sang "Across the Universe" which I can't wait to hear because well...I love Michael. He is too friggin sexy and can sing like a God. He sounded very strong and confident and looked like a pro up there. Does anyone remember the first season of this show? How bad was that compared to these singers. Michael's performance was stellar as if I had paid tickets for a Michael John concert. He is just good! Let's hear from the judges.

Randy - Yo. Check it out. So, I don't know if it was your best. I was waiting for something big. It was a little sleepy.

Paula - Wow, I disagree with you again. It takes an inner strength to stand center stage and sing brilliantly. You connected. I thought it was brilliant.

Simon - I tend to agree with Randy. He is absolutely right. It was a little monotonous. It was solid, it was good. I am still a big, big fan. I am frustrated that we haven't heard what you can do.

Kristy Lee Cook sang "Eight Days A Week" Country style. She looked adorable with her ripped jeans and sparkly top. I didn't think it worked but what do I know. I thought the music was faster than she was singing. Yikes. Going back to Webkinz. Is she still singing? Damn. Noisy!

Randy - I liked the arrangement. Vocally you were trying to force some runs in it. I am torn with this one.

Paula - Um, Kristy I didn't enjoy it. I know you did like a Lorrie Morgan. I didn't get it.

Simon - I thought it was horrendous. You sounded like Dolly Parton on helium. Sorry. It was a very brave but foolish thing to do. That song doesn't work in that style.

David Archuleta sang "We Can Work It Out" I don't know. I really think David had it in the bag for this competition. It was just ok for me. This was his weakest performance for me. I didn't like the melody of the song. At one point it sounded like he had a belly ache.

Randy - You know I like your voice. It was not your vibe. It felt forced. It didn't work.

Paula - This wasn't your best. You can never let it show on your face. We love you.

Simon - That was a mess. I expect incredible. It was weak.

Based on these performances for me the bottom 2 are Syesha and Kristy Lee Cook. Going home will be Kristy.

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