Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Brother - Till Death Do Us Part - Episode 13 - Recap

Wow it was so good last night.

I loved that James was voted back into the house by the very same people who had just voted to evict him.

Nice twist BB.

Ok, I got a little ahead of myself there.

Julie Bot starts out telling us again about the twist where we America voted to bring back one of the evicted house guests.

The we get to see what happened after the Veto meeting where Chelsia took herself off the block and Ryan put James up.

Chelsia, and Josh try to intimidate Sheila but Matt steps in and Josh and him begin arguing but Sharon stops Josh who listens but quietly seethes that he was shhhh'd.

Sheila and Sharon chat and Sheila says her that she thinks Nat or Matt can win this. Sharon says, she doesn't think so because Matt has been playing both sides and telling everyone he has their back. She also tells her about Matt kissing her when she was HOH.

Interestingly enough Sheila asks if he is a good kisser. Ummm...why is she so interested? And if she was going to fly back to Nat to tell her about this kiss conversation why didn't she just ask Nat if he was a good kisser. Sheila DID kiss Matt wearing a mouth tray thingy so doesn't she remember?

She and Nat sit in the sauna and Sheila tells her all about the Matt and Sharon kiss.

Nat sit quietly and takes it all in. I think it was funny how all of a sudden she isn't sure if she trust Matt. He treats her like dirt what has taken her so long.

She feels that he is getting close to Sharon in her gut and is worried about Matt taking her to the end.

James walks in and Sheila and Nat tell him that will vote to keep him in the house.

Matt asks Nat if she is voting out James and she says "are you taking her or me to the end?" He seems to know what she is talking about so I wonder if editing had something to do with that because I would be confused if I were him. Her who?

Nat is jealous and angry and tells him she is not down with what went on upstairs and he tries to apologize in a way that only Matty can. She is pissed and tries to tell him to stop talking and let her talk or something like that. He tells her that if she doesn't want to be together, fine they are not together. He also tells her that he is moving out of the bed tonight. Poor Nat why is she so gullible?

The evicted houseguests are standing in front of the house and they are told that America voted to send one of them back in the house and that the houseguests will vote to either send them in or bring back the evicted houseguest.

Parker is told that he came in second and Alex is floored that America voted for him. He hugs Amanda and remains speechless.

James is evicted by a vote of 5:1. Chelsia is the only one who says good-bye.

James tells Julie when she asked why no one else got up what happened. He says that is how he wanted it.

The houseguests are told that they can bring someone that America voted for back in the house or bring back James. They start discussing and Julie who is trying to describe what is going to happen in case we are all idiots. Tells them "there is no talking here."

The houseguests other than Ryan, Sheila and Matt vote for James to come back.

I wish we could have seen Alex being told that he was not being sent back in. A little sad but I am happy James is back in the game.

He comes out of the box and there are screams of excitement and then they all head to the backyard for the HOH competition.

So exciting another endurance competition. Big Brother Disco. Everyone stands on a disk, holding onto a chain. They will be raised and lowered while spinning around. Champagne shots out at them and the last one remaining will be the new HOH.

The show ends with them spinning. But if you are looking for a spoiler....

James wins the competition. For a second week in a row an evicted houseguests comes back to win HOH. Interesting.

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