Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big Brother 9 Recap - Bye Bye Matty Bye Bye

I am so glad to see Boston Matt walk out the door. He deserved to walk more than anyone else so far this season.

His cocky attitude was wearing thin. He thought he had it in the bag and James sent him packing. Loved it. Favorite episode yet.

I am little scared for Nat with him out of the house but maybe she will be able to play the game for herself and not for someone who has no respect for her.

It was so comical watching Matt walk around crying to everyone when he did a whole lot of "in your face" when he was taken off the block last week or the week before.

He told James that he felt like he let everyone down and he had promised his mom a prize at the end if he won. Like James said, "everyone in their has a parent that they want to help out"

Where is that cocky mother effer now. He could be fighting to stay in the house instead of curling up in a ball and crying. Come on Boston suck it up.

Matt went to Chelsia, Sharon and Sheila crying and telling them how he didn't want to spend his birthday alone in sequester and he fears being alone. Then switched over to how could he get their vote. Bwaaahhhh..what an asshole. He told them all how he can't understand why they can't give him an answer as to who they are voting for. He told them that Ryan was the one who put Chelsia up, took money from Sheila, and put James on the block.

Sheila was totally on board. Matt made total sense to her so she headed up to James to talk about voting to keep Matt in the house.

Julie starts the live voting:
Chelsia, Josh, Sharon votes to evict Matt
Natalia, Adam, Sheila votes to evict Ryan

This obviously leaves us with a tie which James needs to break as HOH.

He sends Matt out the door and I couldn't be happier. If the kids weren't asleep I would have jumped up and down and screamed.

Julie asked Matt about campaigning to James and he told her that he did and that "talking to James was like talking a wall." I went on to say that he didn't put James on the block he voted to get him out and he doesn't know why he is there.

He is there because he lied, plain and simple. Ryan and Sheila both told James that they had voted to keep him out. He continually said that he did not cast the vote against James to his face. Liar! It didn't have to play that way. He could have followed Ryan and Sheila and come clean on the vote then campaigned just like they did. Idiot.

Julie also asked him about his relationship with Nat and he said that she will be a good friend but it is not for him. He also said she would make someone very happy one day but it won't be him. Interesting. Wonder why.

Adam wins HOH and I am curious as to how Sheila will influence or not his vote. Will he let her in or will he finally kick her in the ass for being so rude to him in the house?

I personally can't wait to see what happens.

Here are some spoilers - check em out if you want.

Nat tells Josh that James and Chelsia are going on the block to avenge Matty.

Adam, Sheila and Josh talk about Adams power.

James and Adam talk about nominations over pool.

Adam has never been as popular as he is right now.

James and Chelsia get nominated

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