Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top 8 Guys Sing the 80's

Luke Menard sang Jitterbug. I don't know, he seems just kind of ok. There is something missing. He isn't a bad singer and he isn't ugly there is just one factor that he misses out on. He has nothing special about him

Randy - It started out rough. You got it together in the end. It was a little corny but alright.

Paula - I disagree. I was surprised you picked it. You are musical and I loved your interpretation of it.

Simon - Luke, I will make this quick. I didn't like it. It was weak. There is no chance you are going to make it through.

David Archuleta sang Paradise. I love David and always loved this song. I really liked how he updated the song. He is adorable and can sing like a pro.
Randy - It is like watching a concert. I thought it was good. It didn't show off all your vocals. It was nice.

Paula - I loved that there were a couple notes that were off because it proves that you are not a make believe person.

Simon - It wasn't as good as last week. You are getting a little gloomy with your song choices. Lighten up a little bit.

Danny Noriega sang Tainted Love which I have always hated. Danny is an ok singer but I just can't stand him. He disturbs me and he is just so strange. Check out David's Christmas message

Randy - It started out pitchy but I loved the arrangement. I like the way you did it at the end. You can did this. He is never shy in attitude but he is vocally.

Paula - I love it. You are this bright light in this competition. You are real. You have great vocals. Be true to yourself. You look fabulous. Spicy and sensitive.

Simon - I thought it was horrible. Absolutely useless. Hated the arrangement, the performance the vocals. I didn't like anything.

David Hernandez spoke about a "booger" in his nose. Gross. Sang that damn Celine Dion Coming Back To Me Now song. God damn I HATE anything Celine. It as ok. It was an odd choice for me. I don't get it. What the hell? But all and all it was ok.

Randy - Nice song choice. I thought it was really good. Some pitch problems where you get a little sharp.

Paula - You are a very good performer. I think you have some of the best vocals.

Simon - It wasn't as good as last week. You have 100% secured a place in the finals.

Michael Johns sang Don't you Forget about Me from one of my favorite 80's movies, The Breakfast Club. God damn he is back. This is the Michael I fell in love with. Yeah baby this guy rocks. Great vocals and good performer. But I have to wonder about this being a really good send off song too. I hope he didn't jinx himself. I think he sang an Inxs song in the auditions too.

Randy - It was the Aussie boy went home. You kind of remind me of Michael. I loved it.

Paula - I am so glad that you are the type of artist who defines who you are. I love the strength in your low range. You have this presence. You are all unique and different.

Simon - Michael, I liked it. I didn't love it. I still think of you as a huge talent but haven't picked the right song yet. I really like you. I think you are going to do really well.
David Cook sang my absolute favorite Lionel Richie song Hello. I love this song. After a rough start I thought he was really good and I like the rock style of this song. I really love his voice. He is trying to stand out and I hope it works for him. By the way. .. I loved the ending.

Randy - You made a slightly evil version of a LR song. I thought it was brilliant.

Paula - I totally love when you come on that stage. You are a great talent. I believe you are going to be a shining star.

Simon - That was a very brave thing to do and I loved it. I like people who go out there and take a few risks. I hope we are going to see you next week.

David Castro - Nicholas Cage with dreads sang without the guitar. He sang, Hallelujah. I love David's voice. He is so sexy. I don't know that this is something that will be remembered as a great performance but I really liked it.

Randy - Great degree of difficulty. You did a pretty good job. It is a tall order.

Paula - Although it is a level of difficulty. I am so glad that you showed a vulnerability. You are exactly what I love about this season. Unique.

Simon - Jeff Buckley's version is one of my favorite versions of all time. It was brilliant. One of my favorite of the whole night. You are getting better and better and better.
Chikezie - Sang All The Man That I Need. Ahhh I love this friggin song. He sounds awesome on this song and he rocked it. I love his smile and he makes me smile. There I'm friggin cheezy. Sue me. Loved it.
Randy - Interesting song choice. You did a good job. Impressed. I thought it was really good.
Paula - Again, your, your personality..you switched it up on me. You guys are rocking. It's so
good tonight. I am proud of you.
Simon - It was a Whitney song? No...I don't think that worked at all. You were ok on bits. Not as good as last week. I don't think that was a very smart move.
OH wacky Paula...she scares me. At least she wasn't ripping heads off and hanging them from her mirror this week.
Ok...so Luke is leaving is it one or two leaving? I don't remember if it is two...if so it will be Chikeze and Luke.

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