Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Brother 10 Episode 10

The house guests are still on the ledge. Ollie is terrified.

Jessie asks Renny if she wins who she will be putting up. He wants to know if they are ok. He wants to know if she is being honest with him and she tells him what he wants to hear.

Jessie starts telling everyone what they are hurting while they hold on. Jerry lasts until 26 minutes. Libra doesn't know where she is. Jesse tells her to fall and she does 33 minutes in. Ollie is concerned that his alliance is dropping like flies. Dan takes a fall 45 minutes in. Libra thinks he threw the competition. Ollie falls 55 minutes in.

Michelle tells Renny that she is doing good and that she is staying all night. Jessie can't hold on anymore and struggles to hold on. Those big muscles cramp up and he goes down after 1 hour 6 minutes. He finds it a bogus competition. Renny is happy and proud that she is still holding.

Ollie promises April a full body massage. Memphis wants to play let's make a deal. The bigger they are the harder they fall and he goes down 1 hr and 16 minutes in.

Dan gives Renny and Michelle a pep talk to end all pep talks. Renny goes 1 hour and 58 minutes in. Michelle and April are left. April asks Dan for her pep talk, which he provides. Both girls are struggling with Michelle having a really hard time. Michelle drops after April promises not to put her or Jessie up after 2 hours 40 minutes. Jessie says it was really hard to watch Michelle, and that it was like watching someone you love get beat down. He consoles her after she drops and they share a sweet moment. Who knew Jessie had a heart?

Jessie tells her that he ha a lot of respect for her. April and Michelle hug and kiss Libra seems concerned when Jessie says thank you so much.

Keesha and Libra tell April they have mad respect for her.

April shows the house guests her HOH room which is full of pictures of her and her family. April cries and laughs over her letter while the house guests leave to give her privacy. Memphis and Keesha talk about how hard the competition was and they talk about how he may be on the way out.

April tells Libra that Keesha and Memphis are chatting and she doesn't like it. She feels disrespected by her and doesn't respect that she is chatting with Memphis. Renny who is sitting right there tells Keesha that April was talking about her. Renny tells her that April has another side to her.

Dan gets his assignment from America and they want him to target Jessie. He goes to April and tells her that they have to get Jessie out. April runs to Libra and tells them how weird he was acting.

Keesha and Memphis talk about alliances. He thinks April will put him up against Jerry or Dan because of her promise to Michelle that her or Jessie will not go up.

April begins the nominations and Michelle is safe. Ollie, Renny, Libra, Keesha, Jerry, and Dan are safe.

Jessie and Memphis are up for nomination.

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