Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Brother - Episode 13

Is anyone else as bored as I am with BB?

I hate not finishing something I have started so here goes the recap.

April vomited in her mouth and Keesha is proud of herself for getting Dan out of the house. Libra was glad to see Jesse leave and couldn't stop smiling.

Dan is worried about tension and his position in the house.

Jerry feels that Dan is hiding behind his cross and that he is going to burn in hell.

Michelle is walking around talking to cameras saying "I'm going to get them Jesse."

Oh good Lord, Michelle reminds me of way too many people that I no longer speaker with in my family and it annoys the hell out of me.

Jerry is telling Dan to stop hiding behind his cross. I'm confused. Isn't this the same guy who grabbed April's boob's on the first night in the house? Oh yeah, I think it is.

We see Dan taking his cross off in the food pantry before eviction. I love how a bunch of high and mighties are all of a sudden jumping on the JESUS wagon in the name of "EVICTION." Give me a friggin break. Dan says it is the first time in his life that he took the chain off and then gets a bit teary.

Keesha says that Michelle is pissed because she sent Jesse back to his REAL girlfriend.
It was so annoying to see Michelle slap her hand around and shout out whatever came to her mind. Ugh!

Renny gets pissed when Michelle brings up that she Renny was laughing at her for staying up all night. They have words and then Queen Michelle who is already letting the power go to her head tells Libra and Keesha to stop hiding. They head over to where she is sitting with April who is all of a sudden kissing unitard ass.

They say they are not hiding and Keesha who is always up for a yelling chick debate storms over that she isn't scared. Libra wants to know if Michelle and April are all best friends now.

Yuck, all the girls yelling at each other and Jerry screaming out "you're going home!" Nasty folks. Then Michelle screams out something about Libra swearing on her children and calling her a skank or something. Where are these people from? I haven't heard talk like this since leaving high school.

Dan who is trying to lie in bed under a pillow to get some sympathy might as well join them.

Michelle mentions that Libra didn't even want a letter from her kids. Jerry calls Libra a Dummy and she goes into a rant about Mata Cum Lotte or some other Greek words. Jerry tells her "come on baby, I love it."

Michelle, shouts out that Dan is probably burning and that he needs to "put down that bible, put down that cross." April says he is a disgrace because she is such a holy roller. Memphis is so pissed and says, "that's a bit much." In diary he tells us that where he comes from people like that get punched in the mouth.

Memphis heads over to Dan and tells him that April is so arrogant and that he can't even relate to these people. Dan tells him to start doing damage control.

Memphis and Michelle are sitting and she asks him if he promised anything to the enemy. He tells her that he has been straight forward and that he will not say anything about Jesse.

Michelle heads over to Dan who is still in his bed. She asks if he is really a school teacher. She says, "why did you do it? Why did you lie? For those people, they will throw you right under the bus. They are getting you do to do your dirty work. You can't be honest in this house, you have to lie, cheat and steal but not for people like that." He plays the sad sack and says he feels terrible and that he doesn't know what to do.

Libra asks if Michelle wants her to see her HOH room and Michelle says she would be insulted if they didn't go up.

Michelle's HOH room was annoying with April laughing and applauding everything.

Memphis was annoyed with April and her cheer leading.

Michelle reads her letter out loud and starts crying. Renny gets teary and ends up leaving the room. Everyone listens as she reads and congratulates her. Renny leaves the room and heads downstairs to cry.

Keesha, and Libra hug and kiss her telling her that it was a well deserved win.

Renny misses her family, she is crying and Dan walks in and hugs her and tells her to hang in there, that her family is proud of her. Keesha goes in and hugs her.
Jerry and April are with Michelle in HOH with Ollie. Jerry says he will never respect or talk to him again. He says he is going to hold up his fingers in a cross and say, "you will burn." Old folks!

After Dan they move on to Libra and what a bad mother she is for not taking the letter from home instead of a Hawaiian vacation.

The Food competition is under way and it is a game show. Brian who was evicted in the 1st week is hosting and the house guests will be playing against other house guests from past seasons.

The game is called In The News and old house guests will tell a new house guests whether a story was in the news or not. The new house guest gets to choose whether to go with the old house guest or against them. The new house guest gets food and the old house guests will get cash. Confusing enough for ya?

-Dan picks Mike Boogie and goes against Boogie's story and loses.

-Renny picks Jen and goes with Jen's answer and wins food.

-Jerry picks Janelle and and doesn't go with Janelle's answer, he loses.

-Memphis chooses Miss Amy and doesn't go with Amy's answer, he loses.

-Ollie chooses Matt and doesn't go with Matt's answer, he loses.

-Libra picks Bunky and doesn't go with Bunky, she loses.

-Michelle chooses Jase and they speak alien language to each other. She doesn't go with his answer and wins.

-April picks Chicken George and goes with his answer, she loses.

-Keesha picks Jun, she goes against Jun's answer and wins.

Which means Renny, Michelle and Keesha win food for the week.

Memphis goes to HOH and tells her not to make an alliance with anyone. She says she already knows he has an alliance with the others. She is going this alone but she wants to go with him to final 2.

Renny goes up to HOH and tries to get Michelle to consider April. She tells Michelle that April didn't have to put Jesse up and that she is the reason he is gone. She tries to get Michelle to consider all the things April did that contributed to Jesse leaving.

The first person safe is April, followed by Memphis, Olli, Jerry, and Dan.

On the block is Keesha and Libra. Michelle tells them that they are big threats in the house and that it is strategy not personal.

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