Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Lost Book Club - 2nd Book Begins Sept 1st

Are you a fan of Lost? Did you know they have a book club?

If you are reading along with the Lost Book Club you already know about this.

The Lost Book Club will be beginning their second book on September 1st.

The Book: The Lord of the Flies

The Read: September 1st - September 20th

The first book was Carrie by Stephen King.

Pick up a book, it's good for your soul!!

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the teach said...

Okay, Maria, I'm an avid "Lost" watcher! That's first! Second I'm teaching Lord of the Flies this Fall semester to a Continuing Ed bunch of wonderful women. Can you believe that? Is that a coincidence or what? Thanks for commenting on my Manic Monday Book Club post! :)